How to remove gallstones naturally

There are plenty of people who suffer from various problems. There are some symptoms which can be diagnosed easily. While there are some major ailments in which the symptoms are visible. There can be some

There are plenty of people who suffer from various problems. There are some symptoms which can be diagnosed easily. While there are some major ailments in which the symptoms are visible. There can be some disorders which are really hard to detect. Many people, mainly older women and people suffer from gallbladder problems. These problems can include gallstones, infection, cancer or obstruction. Gallstones can remain undetected in gallbladder until they are detected. Once, the gallstones are detected you should go for the gallstones surgery as early as possible. It’s better to consult a doctor in case of emergency.

What are gallstones?

Gallstones are hard, crystalline balls that are formed in the gallbladder excess cholesterol. These stones can vary greatly in size, it can be from being the size of a grain to the size of a tennis ball.

What causes gallstones?

Gallstones are painful as the stones might get pushed into the tube. This happens when there is an excessive amount of cholesterol and there is not enough bile secreted to saturate the cholesterol which forms a crystal ball. However, stones can be formed by bile salts too. The gallstones go through the bile duct and cause blockage in the duct. When this happens the gallbladder gets choked and it builds up the pressure triggers pain in the abdomen region.

Ways to remove gallstones naturally

  • Turmeric

You will need ½ teaspoon turmeric, ½ teaspoon of honey. Now, mix the turmeric with honey and consume it everyday to stay fit and healthy. Turmeric works because of the anti-inflammatory properties. Having turmeric in food can help to increase the solubility in bile.

  • Milk thistle

You will require 1 tablespoon of milk thistle seeds, 3 cups of water and honey. Now, crush the milk thistle seeds till they boil. Let the herb steep in hot water for around 20 minutes. Strain the herbal tea, add some honey and drink it. Milk thistle has been used as a natural remedy to clean liver as well as gallstone prevention. It’s also possible to add herbs in powdered form to the milk and juices.

  • Lemon juice

You will require 1 teaspoon lemon juice, a glass of lukewarm water. Add lemon juice to water and drink this first thing in the morning. Drink more glasses of lemon water throughout the day. Lemon juice is a rich source of vitamin C. Vitamin C supplements offer protection against formation of gallstones. Drinking lemon juice will help for the same purpose.

  • Cranberry juice

You will need cranberry juice. You should drink a glass of cranberry juice every day. Dilute this with some water if you feel the juice is acidic to consume. This is also a preventative remedy for gallstones. The dietary fiber which is present in cranberry juice lowers the cholesterol level in the body, which prevents the formation of cholesterol gallstones. The antioxidants present in juice will keep your gallbladder and liver in good health.

  • Coconut oil

You will require 3-4 tablespoons of coconut oil, ¼ glass apple juice, juice of half a lemon, a small piece of ginger. You should warm up the coconut oil, add the ingredients to it. Drink this mixture everyday. If you are prone to gallbladder attacks, this remedy is perfect for you. Coconut oil also contains essential fats which can be digested by the liver.

  • Herbal tea

You will require 2 teaspoons of green tea leaves, 1 cup of hot water, lemon and honey. You should steep the leaves in water for 5 to 10 minutes. Strain and add a bit of honey and lemon. Drink the tea while it’s still warm. Green tea contains antioxidants that give your body the energy and reduces the inflammations. They are also good for preventing gallstones.

  • Coffee for treating gallstones

You will require a one cup of hot coffee. Brew a cup of coffee and drink it. Drink atleast two cups of coffee everyday to prevent gallstones. According to research, it has been found that drinking a cup of coffee a day can help to ease gallbladder problems. Caffeine is also able to stimulate the gallbladder contractions and it makes the passage of gallstones easy.

You must remember that certain remedies which are present out there aimed at flushing out the gallstones fast can increase the risk of getting large gallstones stuck in the bile duct.

author name: Dr. Vaibhav Kapoor

author bio: Specialty in Laser & Laparoscopic surgeries with 8+ years of experience