Get advanced medication to treat neurological disorders

The number of patients suffering from neurological disorders is increasing at a fast pace. This is due to wrong lifestyle and people not following a healthy and balanced living or due to other causes. Whatever be it, there is a genuine need for such patients to visit the top neurosurgeon in the domain to get immediate and proper treatment.

Problems faced

According to surveys conducted, over 500 million people are said to be suffering from different types of neurological disorders and it is only expected to increase in the near future. Neurological impairments tend to include issues pertaining to the nerves, spinal cord and the brain. If any kind of damage is caused to any such organ, then it may lead towards causing deadly diseases within the nervous system. They might occur brain tumor, epilepsy, stroke, Parkinson’s disease or dementia. The medical experts are of the opinion that there are over 600 types of diseases recognized related to the nervous system. It includes post-herpetic neuralgia, multiple sclerosis, spinal cord tumor, meninges, peripheral diseases, etc.

Avail proper treatments

With constant advancements being made in the medicinal field and the availability of the best neurosurgeon in Delhi, it has become possible for patients to seek proper treatment for their neurological disorder. Several hospitals have come up that boasts of having a team of well qualified, talented and highly experienced neurological surgeons who can take care of various types of related issues and offer quick respite. These surgeons also offer top notch post operative and operative care to the patients. Right from evaluation to diagnosis, treatment and rehab, the hospitals do offer the patients with utmost care.

Affordable treatment for all

The last couple of years have witnessed patients coming from all part of the world to get treatment in the country. With Delhi being the major political capital and boasting of having the top notch hospitals, it is possible to get world class treatment and medical facilities. NRIs have been coming here for quite a long time to get different types of treatment as it is much affordable in Delhi when compared to the western countries.

One popularly availed medical treatment by patients is neurosurgery. The patients who are advised surgery method by their physicians abroad come to Delhi to derive very high level of treatment. The hospitals here do have an integrated neurologist team which includes doctors, surgeons and well trained support staffs. The hospitals and the surgeons here do make use of the latest operative procedures and sophisticated tools and equipments to offer complete care to the patients.

Treatments offered

The major treatments provided by the neurosurgeons include deep brain stimulation, brain mapping, using of gamma knife and cyber knife, etc. Brain tumors are detected through brain mapping technique and removed, to ensure that the other sensitive areas within the brain do not get affected. Also is used an advanced radiosurgery form called the cyber knife surgery that destroys tumor cells present in the body.

The surgeons here do offer their patients with painless and affordable treatment options.