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Health Benefits of Heated Toilet Seat To the Elders

As individuals age, they tend to become more sensitive to cold temperatures. One reason is that their bodies aren’t capable of generating enough heat to aid them to maintain the average body temperature.  Another reason is the decrease in their metabolic rate. As they age, their metabolism slows down which leads to decreased energy. One with low power usually feels cold.  Add to the fact, too, that older adults’ skin thin as they age.

Also referred to as hypothermia, this condition is characterised by shallow body temperature. As the body’s temperature falls below 95 degrees as to the opposed normal 98.6 degrees, one can quickly feel the cold that sets in.

One welcome addition to any bathroom to instantly give comfort and warmth is a heated toilet seat. The pleasure it provides is undeniably impressive and not as expensive as the installation of a warm Jacuzzi or heated spa.

To those not too familiar with such technology, a heated toilet seat gives both comfort and style. It is still like any traditional toilet seat, only that its extra warmth and comfort seat makes one relaxes and even avoid muscles and bathroom discomfort.

Some heated toilet seats use battery power while others house electricity. As others have reliable and safe remote controlled functions, some models have advanced and sophisticated designs. Either way, the heat they give can be controlled depending on the need and preference of the person.

Identified below are some of the health benefits of a heated toilet seat to the senior citizens.

Dismisses Arthritic Worry

Arthritis is commonly defined as an inflammation of the joints. As its symptoms develop over time, arthritis usually begins to appear in individuals over 65 years old. Overweight elders tend to develop arthritis, too, more than those who are in a fit condition.

Typically, cold weather brings the most pain and discomfort among people living with arthritis. Any warm comfort given to them is most welcome especially during their bathroom visit. A heated toilet seat then provides the needed support and warmth.

Enhances Comfort

The comfort brought by the heat of the seat is what gives that relaxing feeling, relieving the elderlies of any aches and uneasiness. Most heated toilet seats have a temperature that can be adjusted depending on one’s need and preference. Many describe sitting in a heated toilet seat is like getting a relaxing massage.

Offers Warmth

As mentioned, elders tend to feel cold more than those younger than them. A heated toilet seat can give them the needed warm as they do their morning ritual or when they suddenly decide to use the toilet in the middle of the night. Such feature is helpful, too especially during cold winter season.

Relaxes Stiff Muscles

Heat usually promotes blood flow and helps sore and stiff muscles to relax. Sitting in a heated toilet seat will give that comfort, relieving elders of any chronic muscle pain or even painful joints.

Health Benefits of Heated Toilet Seat To the Elders

Old individuals have slower metabolism compared to the youngsters. The former does not produce enough heat from their body, too. But such condition should not be a hindrance for them to enjoy using the comfort room and stay should they feel like sitting there for a more extended period. Technology has introduced a heated toilet seat to provide both warmth and comfort. Now, cold toilet seat covers are a thing of the past.