What to avoid in your medicine personal statement?

A personal statement is your one choice to create an impression on the authority. There is only a limited amount of space to do that. Hence there are a number of things that we can do without in a medicine personal statement. This will ensure the quality of the statement and increase its value. The statement will contain more quality than quantity. Here is a list of things that you can remove from your personal statement.


Your medicine personal statement is your space and it is your voice that they want to hear. They want to see how you can articulate your words to express yourself. Hence do away with quotations until and unless absolutely mandatory to make a critical point. In all other situations, it is only a waste of your precious word count. Besides, you are presenting a medicine personal statement not a statement for the art industry. You need to express yourself with the help of words that do not go against you or look unnecessary in your personal statement.

Random things

You need to not include random things in your personal statement. Things like a list of books that are in your reading list, the places of your visit the amount of work experience that you have or the positions that you have held. In the first place, it becomes monotonous after a certain period of time. Besides this, the panel is not interested in what you are reading or where you have worked. They probably might have been doing this for a long period of time. Hence to make your statement a bit different from the others you need to be done with all these unnecessary details. They do not need to know where you have worked. They are more interested in what you feel about it.


Phrases like, ‘since when I was very young’, ‘I crave to learn’, ‘in the 21st century’, should be definitely avoided. These kinds of phrases take up a lot of space in the medicine personal statement. They are again a repetition of a number of phrases that keep coming up in a number of other statements. Also, they do not say much about you. Hence keep it a point to not include these clichéd phrases in your personal statement.

Boasting about yourself

The kinds of sentences that keep telling a lot about you must be avoided. Things like, ‘I genuinely believe that I am driven by motivation’, ‘I have a large number of achievements.’ Instead of saying these kinds of phrases that seem like you are boasting about yourself, provide some concrete evidence that strengthens your say.


Give them just as much importance as you will give to medicine interview questions. Frequent use of stilted words or sentences should be avoided. Using big words or examples that have no relevance will make you seem a little fake. These kinds of phrases are again sure to make you seem unreal. Hence avoid using them.

Sum up

Personal statements are as important as medicine interview questions. Focusing on the point that your personal statement is your personal space, you need to include only those points that are important.