What Is 20/20 Vision?

There are many different kinds of vision problems that you can have. If you have been around an eye doctor, you have likely heard him or her talking about 20/20 vision. He or she has probably tested your vision in many different ways. There are some complex machines that you have probably used; those are the ones in which the doctor asks which of several options is clearer. There is also the very simple test with a vision board. The vision board is one in which you stand about twenty feet away from the board. You cover one eye and read lines of letters off the board. That is a simple but effective way to figure out your vision.

20/20 Vision

A very crude way to determine your vision is with the 20/20 measurement. It means that you see at 20 feet what most people see at 20 feet. That is often called perfect vision, but it’s actually not. It is just vision that is close to normal. It’s not perfect because being able to look at something directly does not encompass all kinds of vision. For example, you might see things great at 20 feet but your vision might drop off precipitously after that. Alternately, your vision might be good at 20 feet but it might not be very good at reading distance. Furthermore, you might have good vision directly but your eyesight might not be very good on the periphery. Your peripheral vision is very important. LASIK in San Antonio can correct many different kinds of vision problems.

LASIK Eye Surgery

If you do not have 20/20 vision or if you have some other vision issues, you might be well served by LASIK eye surgery. LASIK cuts and reshapes your eye’s lenses. That will allow you to focus more efficiently. Your eyes are basically similar to camera lenses. If the lens is out of focus, you will not be able to see clearly. Your glasses or contact lenses work to refract light differently and bring things into focus. They work in place of your eye’s natural lenses. If you have LASIK eye surgery, your eyes will focus properly and you will no longer need corrective lenses.

Call a Doctor

If you think that you might be a good candidate for eye surgery, you should call a doctor and schedule an appointment. The doctor will be able to determine if you are right for surgery and if it can help you. Surgery is not right for everyone. The surgery depends on the reason for your vision problems and also the current progression of your vision issues. Some people have to wait until their eyesight stops changing before they can have surgery.