What are the Symptoms of the Beginning of Menopause?

The commencement of menopause — which is a natural part of a female’s aging process — can happen after what is known as “perimenopause”, thatperiod in a female’s life cycle when her body starts to make slight changes related to female reproduction.


  • A female can start to have periods of irregular bleeding with often frequent or delayed menstrual cycles.

The lack of balance in hormones can make the female experience hot flushes, even in environments where the temperaturesare warm. Loss of bone density is also something which signals the beginning of menopause as oestrogen levels start to decrease.

  • In many women there is a notable increase in the number of mood swings,also, as a result of menopause.

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Perimenopause Explained

What is commonly known as “perimenopause” is known as the transition time period when a woman’s body starts to adjustto the infertile period because of hormonal changes. Seen in one way, the woman’s body “pauses” as it makes alterations which will ultimately prevent her from getting pregnant.

Over this time period, a female’s menstrual cycle can become irregular. After a female’s menstrual cycle has ceased for about a year, perimenopause ends and then menopause will start.

Early Symptoms

Most women will experience irregular bleeding as one of the first symptoms linked to menopause. As the beginning of menopause starts to happen, ovulation (the release of eggs from the ovaries) is interrupted and leads to uncertain menstrual cycles.

  • Such changes can include abnormal periods which can be either over excessive or extremely light and inconsistent between the day the cycle begins and finishes.

One more major traditional symptom linked to the onset of menopause are hot flushes, as a female’s hormones begin to fluctuate. In a number of females, this sensation will be localised in places such as the chest or face, and can last for only a few seconds or some minutes.

Bone Loss

Bone loss can fasten during the perimenopause period, which will exceed the usual rate connected with aging. And whilst pain is not normally linked to the loss of bone density, a female can develop osteoporosis, which can weaken the bone structure and makethem somewhat fragile.

  • Due to this effect, the possibility for bone fractures or injury can become heightened.

Telltale Indications

For a number of females, the emotional changes and thought patterns are a telltale sign that menopause is in fact starting.

  • It is also not unheard of for a female to become slightly depressed or bad-tempered as her body makes innerchanges inthis phaseof her life.

The classic symptoms linked to menopause can differ and may not affect all women the same.

However, it is also fully possible that some women will not display any kinds of symptoms that she is about to go through menopause.