Things to Know About Breast Reconstruction and Other Cosmetic Breast Surgery

Usually women who have got their breasts removed due to breast cancer consider breast reconstruction surgery. It is meant to reconstruct the breasts so to say. The nipple and the areola are reconstructed and with the help of implants or using the woman’s own skin tissue, the breast is given shape and volume. There are many cosmetic surgeries other than this that can be done for the breasts. Here are a few things to consider before going for a cosmetic breast surgery.

Types of cosmetic breast surgeries

Breast augmentation, breast reduction and breast reconstruction are the most important types of surgeries available. Breast augmentation is done by women who want to increase the size of the breasts for various reasons. They may have one breast that is different in size compared to the other and an implant can be used to ensure that both are the same. Breast reduction is for those who have heavy breasts. A reduction may be necessary for medical reasons because one may be unable to have a normal life because of the big breasts. Big size of the breasts may be a reason for back aches and a cosmetic procedure can bring about the much-needed change.

Types of implants available

Breast augmentation surgery is commonly done for women who are not satisfied with the size of their breasts. Usually, implants are placed to make the breasts appear larger. Silicone shells are injected with saline or silicone gel to be placed inside the breasts. Ultimately, what kind of implants one should have depends on one’s personal preference and the price factor.

The ideal candidate for a procedure

It is important to be considered an ideal candidate for the procedure. She must typically be a non-smoker, she must not be breastfeeding or pregnant and she must have a stable and healthy weight.

Having a realistic expectations

It is very important for anyone undergoing a cosmetic surgical procedure to have realistic expectations. The cosmetic surgeon can talk to the candidate beforehand to find out what kind of expectations there are. If the expectations are far from what reality has to offer, then the professional must talk to the person about them. For persons who have totally unrealistic expectations, it can be a good idea to ask for them to change their motivations before proceeding with the surgery.

Knowing what to expect during the surgery

Any kind of cosmetic breast surgery will be done under the effects of anesthesia so there is not much the patient can feel during the time. However, it is important to talk to the patient about what to expect after the surgery because there will be a reasonable amount of time that one will be indisposed. Arrangement for the care that has to be taken during the recuperating time is a crucial point to keep in mind. One should have access to care and support.

If one has decided to get a breast reconstruction surgery, it is crucial to find the right cosmetic surgeon for it.