The Nature of LASIK Surgery

Experiencing common vision problems such as being nearsighted, farsighted and astigmatism? Tired from endless prescription of eye drops, eyeglasses and contact lenses? There is a high-technology way to ease your pain, it is a type of refractive surgery that rectify your common vision problem like being nearsighted, farsighted and astigmatism. In that case, you need to find a eye doctor expert in Lasik.

The Procedure

By using a microkeratome or fem to second type of laser, a fine flap in the cornea is produce. By using a excimer laser, the eye doctor will bend back the flap, he/she will eliminate some corneal tissue below. For nearsighted, the objective of the surgery is to compress the sharp cornea while for farsighted patients the more abrupt is need. LASIK procedure also cures astigmatism by normalizing the shape of cornea.

While at the LASIK room, you are required to look straight to the light for a short period of time. The laser will transmit pulses or surges of light that will reshape the cornea painlessly. In LASIK, a computer is use to modify the laser, the whole surgery takes 5 minutes or less.

eye doctor expert in LASIK

Before performing a LASIK surgery, an eye doctor expert in LASIK will examine your eyes if your good to go for a LASIK procedure. The eye doctor will determine if what will be corrected on your vision or how much corneal tissue will be removed. The doctor if you have any other health disorder that may affects you on your surgery.

There are some instances that you don’t need a LASIK surgery but instead you can choose other non-laser procedures such as PRK (it is a type of LASIK without a flap), epi-LASIK or LASEK. Similarly, you need to undergo series of test and a proper prescription from an eye doctor expert in LASIK.

However, LASIK surgery is an outpatient operation, you can go home right after the operation. There will be some guidelines or prescription after the operation in how to maintain your eyes. The eye doctor will give a day where he/she will check if the eye operation is really successful.

The Recovery

Normally, people who undergo LASIK surgery experiences blurry visions and instability in your eye vision. It is normal and it will only take few weeks. After the surgery, the eye doctor will eventually tell you to come back the next day after the surgery. It is to make assurance that your eyes are well and healing thoroughly.

Follow-up check ups are scheduled by the eye doctor expert in LASIK. You’ll need to undergo 6 months straight visit to your eye doctor to check if your eyes are doing good and if the LASIK surgery is successful. However, you need to follow your doctor’s prescription on how to treat your newly cured eyes.

For more information or queries you can consult a eye doctor expert in LASIK.