The Five Major Types of Weight Loss Surgery

Are you considering weight loss surgery as a possible means of taking off that excess weight? Come on board as we take you through some of the different kinds of surgical weight procedures so you will have a better understanding of the process.

Gastric Bypass

Gastric bypass is the most common weight loss surgery we have today. The procedure is also known as the Roux-en-Y (RNY) gastric bypass surgery.

The surgery reduces the size of the stomach and the small intestine. During the procedure, the bariatrician inserts a Y-shaped section of your small intestine straight to the newly formed smaller upper pouch.

 This bypass allows food to move past the rest of the stomach and into a large portion of the small intestine. This process aims at reducing the absorption of nutrients and calories and makes you feel fuller with just a little quantity of food.

The Gastric bypass is known to yield faster results. The patients with a Gastric bypass can lose over 65% of their excess body fat in just a few months after the surgery. You will be able to leave the hospital after two days of the surgery and will return to your normal job in about two weeks after the surgery.

Gastric Sleeves

Gastric sleeves also are known as the sleeve gastrectomy is another popular weight loss procedure. In this procedure, the bariatrician removes about 85% of the stomach for a massive stomach reduction. The stomach takes the shape of a sleeve or tube after the surgery.

 This new sleeve-like shape brings in the desired restriction to the stomach that causes you to consume smaller quantities of food. The Gastric sleeve makes your stomach smaller, causing you to feel full a lot faster than you used to, hence making you lose weight.

Gastric Band

The gastric band surgery is also called the laparoscopic gastric banding. This kind of surgery is also prevalent and produces fast results just like the gastric bypass.

The Lap-band surgery is however reversible and the procedure is relatively less invasive. The procedure makes use of a silicone band which is fixed at the upper part of the stomach.

 This band divides the stomach into two parts. This division makes impossible for the old stomach to keep themore significant quantity of food. This division helps the patient to lose weight.

The lap band procedure is safer and fewer risks of complications when compared to the gastric bypass and the gastric sleeve. Patients who use this procedure can lose about 50% of their excess body weight.

Gastric Plication

This is another laparoscopic procedure that is used to reduce the size of the stomach without having to remove any part of the stomach, implant a device or re-route the intestine. The pediatrician reduces the size of the stomach during a gastric placation by folding the stomach inwardly. 

Duodenal Switch

The duodenal switch (DS) is not as popular as the best type of weight loss surgery because it is less safe and risks more complications. In this process, about 70% of the stomach is removed thereby creating a cylinder-shaped pouch. This pouch connects to the remaining parts of the small intestine instead of the duodenum.

Now you have an idea about the different types of weight loss surgery; you can confidently consult your doctor for more practical information.