The Concept of Cryotherapy: Health Benefits & Side Effects!

Cryotherapy is one of the best-known methods that provide relief from pain caused due to an irritated nerve. It is also known to help in providing relief to localized areas of some cancers. This method uses freezing temperatures on a localized nerve or area to provide relief by deadening the area.

Although effective, Cryotherapy can be a bit uncomfortable treatment for some people as it involves exposing parts of your body to near-freezing temperatures. Also, as this treatment is relatively new, some benefits and side-effects remain yet to be discovered. Here, we look at some of the benefits and side-effects known.

The Major Benefits

  1. Pain Relief: This method can be helpful for some muscle pain treatment, including certain disorders such as arthritis. Certain athletic injuries have also been observed to heal faster using this therapy. As Cryotherapy freezes the muscle and the surrounding area, the blood flow improves when the temperatures are normalized, and thus, provide relief to the patient.
  2. Weight Loss: Although ineffective all by itself, Cryotherapy supports the overall weight loss process. It is believed that a few minutes of cold can improve the metabolism of the body, which can then last the whole day. However, it is not consistent with all users.
  3. Reduce Inflammation: Inflammation is a way which our immune system uses to fight bacteria/infection. If our immune system is excessively reactive, it can result in certain chronic diseases such as cancer, diabetes, etc. However, this feature of the therapy is still under research to find the effectiveness in reducing inflammation.
  4. Treating Cancer: As it helps in reducing inflammation, Cryotherapy may reduce the chances of developing cancer in the future. Medical Cryotherapy has been pretty effective in treating certain forms of cancer, such as prostate cancer. It is mainly used to freeze certain cancer cells and occasionally remove them.

Side Effects

  • Tingling: It is not uncommon to experience a tingling sensation after a Cryotherapy procedure. Although not something to be worried about, it is always good to know that it is possible.
  • Numbness: As the procedure involves exposing the body parts to extreme cold, it is not uncommon to experience a numb feeling in the areas treated. It is advised not to be alarmed if the feeling of numbness arises after a procedure.
  • Irritation: Due to the changes in temperature, the skin can sometimes become irritated after a procedure. As there are multiple procedures needed, it is normal to feel some irritation over the area being treated.
  • Redness: Again, as Cryotherapy causes drastic changes in the skin temperature, it is common to cause some reaction from the skin which causes redness. Although not permanent, it can sustain for a certain amount of time. It is always advisable to not make plans to attend a party after a procedure!

Like every treatment, Cryotherapy has certain benefits and side effects. However, it is evident that the benefits outweigh the side effects. It is very common for people to use Cryotherapy in Houston, New York, and various other big cities of America.