The Completion of the Right Abdominoplasty Effect

Abdominoplasty is a complete surgical procedure performed under general anesthesia. The technique of the operation, the doctor chooses after examining the patient. If there is a little excess tissue, then mini-abdominoplasty is done; it is performed in the lower abdomen with minimal incisions and without navel displacement. With standard plastic of the abdomen, transverse cuts are made at the level of the pubis and in the region of the navel. Through them, the stretching of the abdominal muscles and excess fat cells is eliminated, the skin is tightened. The operation lasts from 2 to 4 hours depending on the complexity. Dr. Max Polo can help you out in these matters.

Recovery period

After the operation, drainage is installed for outflow of blood and wound fluid, they seal the wounds and put on a compression bandage. The patient needs to spend 2-3 days in the hospital under the supervision of doctors. Swelling and bruising persist for 3-4 weeks. Full suture resorption after abdominoplasty usually occurs in 2-3 months, during which it is necessary to wear supporting underwear and limit physical exertion.

Result. You can finally evaluate the result of abdominoplasty in a year. Throughout this period, you must regularly visit a doctor. To preserve the effect you need to follow all his recommendations and monitor your weight.

Council Abdominoplasty is a rather complicated operation, so it is very important to choose an experienced plastic surgeon. Be sure to look at the results of his previous similar operations.

Breast correction (mastopexy)

Breast size increases already from the beginning of pregnancy, and in the process of breastfeeding it becomes heavier, the skin stretches. At the same time, the bundles that support it are no longer able to cope with their task as well as before. There is ptosis of the breast, that is, its omission. How noticeable this will be depends on the initial state of the breast before pregnancy and childbirth. The younger the woman, the breast tissue is more elastic. The more trained the pectoral muscles, the “higher” the chest. After the completion of lactation, the breast returns to its former size, but its elasticity is often lost. In this case, it makes sense to contact a plastic surgeon. Help to correct the deformation of the breast can only mastopexy – surgery for breast lift.

Indications: Omission and change in the shape of the breast.

Contraindications: If you are planning to have another child, the operation is better to be postponed, since the breast will increase again during pregnancy and lactation.

What is the essence of the operation?

There are several ways to perform mastopexy. However, regardless of which method is used, the essence of the operation is that the surgeon moves the nipple to another place, while removing some of the excess skin. The difference between the methods of mastopexy lies in the shape of the incision and the place of its application. With full mastopexy, an incision is made, having the form of an anchor beginning at the base of the areola. Full mastopexy is the most traumatic type of breast lift surgery and is indicated for strong forms of breast deformity. Other types of mastopexy, for example, sickle, are less traumatic, require for the implementation of the application of cuts of small length and are used for women with unexpressed deformation. The operation takes about two hours; it is performed under general anesthesia. After the operation, special cosmetic stitches are placed, which leave behind almost imperceptible scars.