The best positions for breastfeeding

Though the concept of breastfeeding may work out to be simple, it is not something that follows a natural pattern. When you are aware about the best position for baby while breastfeeding, it becomes a satisfying experience of sorts.

So what are the best positions for breastfeeding new born? There are some positions and each of us has its pros along with cons attached to it. The major point of consideration is that the position should be comfortable for both babies along with the mother. You can start by resting or sitting in such a manner that goes on to provide support for your legs or arms and if the need arises you can put your feet up as well.

The position of cross cradle

It is one of the best positions for breastfeeding. You are seated in a comfortable chair with arm rests. The baby is held across the crook of your arm, across the breast from where one is feeding the baby. The back of the head should be held with an open arm. The other hand should be used to support the baby from underneath. One would need to guide the mouth of the baby towards the breast. Do take into consideration that you should not lean forward or over.

Once you have got control over this position opt for the cradle hold

The position of cradle hold

Once the baby is cradled on your lap they should be lying on the side. If the need arises, you can rely on the use of pillows to lift the baby or support your elbows. You would need pillow support in the first few weeks when the baby is small. In such cases you would also need to support the breast. In such a position, the head of the baby is resting on the forearm with her back on the palm and inner arm. To find out whether the baby has latched on properly nearly half an inch of the nipple should cover the mouth.

Position of clutch

Mothers who have had a C section are going to find this position the most comfortable. Since it keeps the baby away from the incision and the baby should be facing the mother at the height of the nipple. If the baby is small, then you would need pillows to bring up the baby to the desired height.

Breastfeeding in a laid back mode

In this position you are going to lie on a bed or couch that is going to support your shoulders and head. Once again plenty of support and being comfortable is the key. The cheek of the baby is going to rest on the cheek and you would need to guide her towards the nipple.

Position of side lying

Lying down to nurse works out to be the most favourable position, especially in the first few weeks where a lot of rest is needed. In this form of position, both the mother and the baby lie facing each other.