Pregnancy inline with the nervous system?

The nervous system works out to be a sophisticated, complex system which coordinates and regulates the various activities of your body. Normally it is divided into two major components

  • The central and the peripheral nervous system- the former consists of the spinal cord and the brain. The latter is a combination of all the neural elements.

It is not only the spinal cord or the brain; there are other organs which come under the preview of the nervous system that includes the eyes, the organs of taste, ears or the sense organs of smell.

The disorders that you can expect with the nervous system?

The nervous system is prone to various types of disorders. Let us go through the various types of disorders

  • Vascular disorders
  • Infections
  • Functional disorders

Neurological disorders in pregnancy medicine are common and timely intervention is the key for success. When you are in the stage of pregnancy it does make you a lot forgetful. But you need to figure out whether pregnancy brain fade does exist or not. A lot of changes do happen to the body of a woman during the stage of pregnancy, but you need to understand on how these changes have an impact on the brain. Hormones have a huge impact on the mind. You would need to take into account that motherhood along with pregnancy is a life changing event and change at a psychology level is felt. All these factors need to be given due consideration when you go on to treat any disorder in women.

Do drugs have an impact on the nervous system?

Pregnancy is an important time for the central nervous system. Be it planned or unplanned you should try to incorporate as healthy as possible a lifestyle during the course of pregnancy. Any medicine for neurological disorders during pregnancy or drug that may be of no use to you may go on to harm the baby. The drugs that you use in pregnancy can go on to have an impact on the kids in the future. It is important to seek the help of a doctor if you intend to quit them during the stages of pregnancy.

If you say no to drugs orĀ  drink then you are going to keep the baby safe. Any drugs that you consume go on to enter the bloodstream of the baby through placenta. The impact the drugs can go on to create depend on the development stage the baby is at and what is the amount of drug which you have used. The impact of each and every drug may tend to vary, the baby is vulnerable to all the toxins that are part of the drugs.

In case of some neurological diseases, there is negligible or no impact if you are pregnant. On the other hand some can increase the risk associated with pregnancy disorders. Women can go on to ensure that they have a healthy pregnancy by working with doctors on effective management of the disease.