Natural Weight Loss & Healthy Metabolism: Top 5 Benefits of Green Tea

Green tea is one of the healthiest beverage that has helped people with various health issues like obesity, cardiac arrest, respiratory problems and much more. Enriched with antioxidants and nutrients; it has a significant effect on one’s body. Green tea extract contain bioactive compounds that are believed to improve one’s overall health and metabolism.

Let’s take a dive into the depth of science and explore the top benefits of consuming green tea on a regular basis :

1. Weight Loss:

Green tea has fat burning properties and is highly effective in weight loss. If you are not a gym lover, pour a cup of green tea in the morning and cut on those extra calories without hitting the gym. Some studies state that consumption of green tea is widely associated with weight loss, especially around the lower abdominal region.

2. Bolstered Immunity:

Irrespective of the unusual weather changes, stay fit and healthy with a single cup of green tea in your daily diet. The catechins in green tea play a major role in bolstering body immunity and health to combat infections and bacterias. The EGCG compound in the tea helps in suppressing autoimmune diseases.

Natural Weight Loss


3. Improves Dental Health:

According to a recent study, people who drank green tea on a regular basis had better oral health than those who didn’t. Green tea helps in suppressing and limiting the growth of certain bacterias that can lead to various dental issues. The presence of fluoride in tea is the most significant factor in good dental health.

4. Reduces the risk of cardiovascular diseases:

Research and various studies have stated that green tea has helped thousands of people all across the world with its cholesterol-reducing characteristic. It is believed to combat some of the riskiest factors for cardiovascular diseases. The Harvard Medical School reports state the vital role of green tea in lowering the bad cholesterol levels in the body which can otherwise lead to severe cardiovascular diseases.

5. Promotes Digestive Health:

If you are dealing with indigestion or constipation, green tea is a sure solution for all your digestive problems. Green tea also offers vitamins B, C, and E which help in easy and smooth digestion. The EGCG compound in green tea helps in lowering colitis symptoms. Colitis is a chronic digestive disease which causes inflammation & swelling in the gastrointestinal tract. A large amount of antioxidants present in the tea helps in improving one’s overall digestive health and wellness.

Green Tea benefits are endless. We are pretty sure this article enlists the top benefits of consuming green tea on a regular basis. Give your morning a healthy start every day with a cup of green tea in your daily diet. Try to choose a high quality branded green tea for weight-loss and good health. Low-quality green tea contains a large amount of fluoride that can be extremely harmful to the body. Shop from a trusted online supplement store like HealthKart and stay assured of the quality of the product.