MRI facility found in Chennai

Imaging System for Detection

Doctors always needs a good detection and diagnosis for the treating and completely curing a particular disease. Before going to a particular conclusion they always want to see every possible options with all the tests starting from the blood test and other test where they can assess the every possible condition regarding the rest of the body and study those results very carefully and then starts treating the patients. Along with different type of blood test there are other tests as well like CT scan otherwise called as Computed Tomographic scan, PET scan is another important test often called as Positron emission tomography scan which is actually an upgrade to the CT scan and last but not the least MRI or what is called as the Magnetic Resonance Imaging. Viewing the whole of the body or any such particular condition that is causing the problem is very much effective for the doctors. Thus each and every of these imaging techniques are very much useful. Each of these viewing technique uses different type of mechanism for the detection of any type of disease present in the body.

Characteristics of MRI

Magnetic Resonance Imaging is certainly an imaging technique that is used to view problematic positions inside of the body with respect to any of the tissues or organs present. This technique is said to be one of the most useful one for the detection of problem. It is totally based on the theory of magnetic field. The structural arrangement of the MRI chamber is a very interesting one. It is of circular cylindrical in shape. And it consist of a big circular magnet and inside that cylindrical shape a bed is present where the patients lay down during the scanning. The magnet creates a strong magnetic field with the help of the radio waves. And that magnetic beam is fully capable to align protons in the body. Thus with the aligning of the protons in the body a faint but detectable signal is created for the entrapment and thus projecting in a proper result form by the MRI scanner. MRI has a wide range of its detection capability from several type of cancers to cardiovascular problem, and also problems related to the brain. Another very important characteristic of MRI is its very fast detection approach and also very it is very absolutely painless. It is also very much safe for the pregnant woman, and magnetic field does no harm to the baby as well as the mother too.

Facilities present in Chennai

India provides one of the best treatment facility. All the metro cities are very much potent in the treatment of every type of medical problems. MRI scan centers in Chennai are widely distributed providing very good diagnosis for the patients as well as the doctors.


However everyone cannot undergo this MRI scan test. If the patients are having any type of metal implants present within their body they are strictly prohibited to undergo this test. And also the patients having the problem of claustrophobia are not able to have a MRI scan.

In good hand

MRI centers in Chennai have a lot of skilled personnel’s and doctors too for getting a positive result out of the problem that is being checked by the MRI scanning system. Thus the patients are certainly in good hand.