Morphine Addiction: How it is misused

Discovered in 1804 and introduced in 1817 by Germany based pharmacist Friedrich Sertürner, Morphine is an alkaloid of the plant opium poppy. Morphine is one of the earliest opium-based drug that was synthesized for medicinal use. Hence, it used in variety of ways for around the world for medicinal uses. Morphine are filled in drips to reduce the feeling of pain during surgeries in hospital settings and also prescribed as pain relievers of chronic and pain and severe injuries in the form of liquids, pills and injections.

The Addiction:

Many countries including America and Canada are now facing the greatest drug epidemic which is known as the opioid crisis. Where America is on number one in the list, Canada is said to be on second. The fatal properties of this drug were obvious shortly after its introduction. But the drug within the span of years became so common and was welcomed by the medical society as a blessing that it was impossible that immediately withdraw. And soon the drug was misused, overdosed and abused.


Now even after the years of morphine possession laws, the drug is still abused widely because of its strong relaxing and stress releasing qualities. Usually, drug abusers use morphine intravenously. Often traded in the form of pills, the abusers commonly take them in as an injection after crushing the pill form. Moreover, drug abusers and drug smugglers who usually carry out the illegal trade of morphine call it by street names like Dreamer, Mister Blue, God’s Drug and many others due to its rewarding response and the sleep-inducing potentials.

The decay of morphine in the body depends on many factors and importantly on how the abuser has administered the drug. Generally, morphine lasts for 6 to 7 hours and minimum up to an hour. Morphine, if taken in the form of injection, lasts for more than an hour with a peak of 20 minutes. Whereas taking them orally can increase the lasting effects up to 4 hours with a peak life of 30 minutes. These half-lives of the morphine drugs have significant effects on the addiction and drug abusers’ demands and ultimately withdrawal from the addiction.

For the same reason that is to achieve the very goal of euphoria immediately, the illegal drugs traders usually synthesized morphine into heroin as it is more soluble and produce effects faster when compared to morphine. The body quickly absorbs the heroin giving a potent high that abusers usually look for. But final effects of both the morphine and heroin is same as the brain transforms the heroin back to morphine again. But for some even morphine is enough for producing the required joy and feelings of positivity.

Morphine addiction is now common in young girls and boys of colleges and university and even in working women and housewives. The morphine addiction epidemic suggests immediate actions by the health care society and initiatives at individual level also. Depending on the age and other factors, there are various treatment options available for morphine addiction. Seeking help in this regard is extremely important as addiction also leads to death.