Medicinal marijuana in Arizona

Marijuana or cannabis has been popular among humankind for at least 3000 years. Even though it is known to be helpful in treating many ailments, there is a lack of awareness among the people on the effects of consuming marijuana. Almost 29 states plus have made marijuana available for medical use and for recreational purpose in some states.  There have many positive sides of medical marijuana legalization. It will mostly reduce harm to disproportionate use of marijuana among the young people, it will create job for the country and will contribute towards the nation’s cash follow from the crop bringing a stop to the illegal market. Not only this it will also promote consumer safety making the consumers better informed about the marijuana they consume.

Medical Card for medicinal marijuana:

The Arizona Medical Marijuana Act came as a big relief for the people as it removed all the state-level criminal penalties that were enforced on people for the use and possession of medical marijuana. It got implemented in 2012.  It allowed qualified patients to legally purchase cannabis if they have received the recommendation from a licensed physician.

If you are a resident of Arizona, you will need a medical card for the consumption of medicinal marijuana.  The process is as follows:

Firstly you will need to ask a physician to fill out an official ADHS medicinal marijuana certification form for you.  The doctor filling up the form should have a license to practice in AZ. It cannot be a doctor outside of AZ. Along with this; you will need to provide your address proof.

Once you have got the certification from the doctor, you will have to submit some additional documents. And after the medical recommendation and all the accompanying documents are ready, you will have to register with the Arizona health service and proceed with the online application for medicinal marijuana.

The renewal of the card is to be done on yearly basis. And the allowed amount of medicinal marijuana is 2.5 ounces. But if you live 25 miles from the nearest dispensary you can grow your own marijuana.

Cannabis card cost:

Cannabis card cost varies among various dispensaries. However, there is some of the cheapest mmj certification Arizona which can be accessed by the patients.  The certification process becomes easy and efficient when working with a well trained, reliable team. Their experienced staff is specialized in catering to the needs of the range of customers. They will review the medical history card and will make sure that your listed conditions fall in accordance with Proposition 203.

The application fee generally cost around $150, and for those who are having the benefits of SNAP may receive a $75 discount. There are a number of operating dispensaries on the AZDHS website which can be contacted to get the mmj card.

It seems that Arizona has accepted the fact that we’re in the 21st century and one can easily avail the benefits of marijuana from the many cheapest mmj certification Arizona centers.  The status of the application can be easily checked online. The renewal process is also very simple. It can be done by downloading the official state form. It can be applied for renewal when you have less than 90 days on your current medical card.