Health Screening Tips For Busy Women Of 2019

As a woman, we always face different kinds of health problems as we age. Your doctor will always tell you that screenings are important to help maintain a healthy life. If you have a health problem, the earlier it is detected, the more treatable it would be.

As a reference, use this guide for you to stay current on the health screening tests that you need to undergo. There are plenty of women’s health screening packages Singapore that you can choose from these days, but take a look first at the screening tests that you need to have regularly. Also, discover how age and ethnicity can greatly affect various diseases.

Top 5 Screening Tests For Women

Physician Breast Exam

A breast exam should be performed only on women ages 40 years old and above and should be done annually. Remember that breast-related diseases, specifically cancer, happen commonly in women than in men. Malignancies originate in the glandular tissues that are responsible for secreting milk, or also in the ductal structures which transports milk to the nipple.

Cervical Cancer Screening

For Cervical Cancer Screening, a Pap Smear for women who ages 21 up to 65 years old is needed. Pap test without the HPV test should be done every three years for women who age 21 to 65 years old, while Pap test with HPV test is required every 5 years for women after 30 years old. 

Cholesterol Screening

This should include Lipid panel including LDL for women who age 20 years old and above or earlier, especially if at high risk for Cardiac Risk Profile. Cholesterol should be performed every 5 years or more frequently if possible based on the results and the risk profile of the patient. 

Health Screening Tips For Busy Women Of 2019

Sexually Transmitted Diseases

STI and STDs are not something that you get when you are a teenager. Remember that anyone can get STD and STI especially if you have an active sex life, or have sex with multiple partners. It is very important that like men, women should also be tested regularly for this type of diseases. You should be open in sharing your history with your OBGYN even if you are not asked of it. 


Anyone can have a high blood sugar level. According to facts, this is one of the most prevalent non-communicable disease anywhere in the world. This is why diabetes needs to be monitored and treated regularly. Remember that if you weigh more than your weight should be, you are at risk of Diabetes. Women who are over 45 years old also need to annually tested for diabetes and this would require various blood tests.

 Why Regular Health Screenings For Women Is Important?

Prevention is always better than cure. Regular health checkups can help identify any serious diseases that you might potentially have. These are not only preventive and curative actions but are also a very important way for you to have access specific information to help improve and maintain your health. Even if you are a healthy person and in top shape, you should still follow your doctor’s advice – get screened regularly.