Getting Rid of your Scars Just May be Easier than you Think

Do you look in the mirror and see scarring? Now imagine looking in that very same mirror and seeing beautiful skin that is scar free.  It’s not just a dream anymore; it can become your reality thanks to a procedure that is called laser scar removal.  Laser scar removal can be used on many types of scarring such as surgical scars and acne scars.

Making the Simple Choice

This procedure is a non-invasive, very advanced approach to the treatment of scarring, which offers results without the downtime and the discomfort of surgery.   This non-invasive procedure utilizes a fractional laser in order to reduce the appearance of scarring without actually harming any of the skin that is around the area.  With just a couple of very easy procedures scarring is much less noticeable, looking more attractive and smoother.

Is Laser scar removal practical?

When you look in the mirror and see that scar your very first instinct is to cover it so it will not be so noticeable.  Going this route and covering up those scars with clothing or makeup takes up your money as well as your time.  When you choose to proceed with a laser scar removal procedure, these very unwanted scars will be an issue of the past as you look into that mirror with a new kind of confidence because you will feel your best.

What Scars can be treated with this procedure?

There are two types of scarring that has been FDA-cleared for laser scar removal procedures, acne and surgical that are located on any area of the body (this also includes the face.)

Laser Scar Removal used for:

  • Excellent scar removal outcomes
  • Simple treatments with minimal discomfort
  • Quick, non-invasive procedure
  • Little to no recovery time

How Does this Procedure Work?

Unlike when you go to a hospital for a surgery, this type of procedure utilizes short pulses of micro-fine light lasers in order to reach deeply under the skins top layers.  When this happens it ultimately treats the skin’s support structure.  Then the skins natural healing process gets rid of any damaged, old tissue and it rebuilds the skin with new, fresh elastin and collagen.  Elastin and collagen are the very critical building blocks of healthy normal appearing skin.

This non-invasive procedure is simple and very fast, as well as easy to tolerate and may require very little to no down time at all.  Many times you will need to have three to seven laser scar treatments in order to achieve optimal results.

Are there Side Effect?

As with any treatment there are side effects that you will want to understand.  These typical side effects include:

  • Swelling and redness of the area that has been treated – should only last for two to three days
  • A very low risk of redness, itching and blistering
  • Lightening of the area that was treated
  • Darkening of the area that has been treated
  • Burns as well as bruising

This allows you to get the most out of your laser scar removal and be able to feel more confident about not being able to see the scar that you have.