Ensuring Your Safety At Daniels

Daniels, as a clinical service company presents a dramatic shift from traditional waste companies by operating within the four walls of a healthcare facility. Daniels know healthcare and the approach reflects a clinical focus on eliminating infection transfer risk, ensuring staff and patient safety and minimizing patient interruptions. See how the Daniels clinical service and   Difference has helped healthcare facilities and find out how Daniels clinical service explored the journey of change with other facilities.

Putting Safety Infection Prevention And Clinical Approach At The Forefront Of Healthcare Waste

It would dramatically change how we see sharps and clinically defined wastes being collected, touched, stored, and transported in a healthcare environment and that’s what Daniels does. A sharps injury estimated to be up to USD 4,800 per injury with a direct cost of managing, minimized infection transfer risk,  fewer needle stick injuries, more efficient medical waste and sharps management will help your healthcare facility to lower its overall costs. The philosophy that guides Daniels is ‘Making Healthcare Safer’ because they were committed to developing the safest, most environmentally friendly products and services available for everyone involved in healthcare. With the extensive input and advice from healthcare workers around the world, the products and systems have been developed including clinicians, safety and health personnel, EVS managers, infection control and support staff such as cleaners and orderlies.

US based healthcare facilities

The Storage Optimization

The interchangeable containment systems of Daniels are supported by a range of mounting accessories that ensure collectors are always suspended from the ground, greatly reducing the risk of cross-contamination. Daniels solutions include wall mounts, bench brackets, bulk movement solutions sized specific to standard hospital corridors, and the designed was to integrate seamlessly into the hospital environment. Its seamless versatility of wall mounting systems for clean rooms, then the interchange of full and empty containers, and bulk storage units for the loading dock ensure that valuable hospital footprint is preserved that makes it flawless.

The People At Daniels

Daniels was introduced in 1996 to a reality facing Australian nurses that he felt was too big to ignore, rising needlestick injury counts and the associated risks of HIV contraction. Working with infection control experts, microbiologists, healthcare practitioners and a team of highly skilled engineers, Dan innovated a solution- which in 30 years is still unrivaled as the safest and only sharps containment system in the world that classifies as a safety-engineered device. Dan has injected into the business and its culture his passion of raising leaders, he has tirelessly dedicated his life to building a company that would help eradicate needle stick injuries, and he has set his strong personal values as the minimum benchmark to which we all aspire. Everyone was very proud of their leader and his unwavering passion to impact lives; the tenure, caliber and values-driven focus of the Daniels Health team is a testament to his leadership. See how they’ve provided US based healthcare facilities.

The Position

Daniels range of mounting accessories enables interchangeable wall, safe accessibility of sharps collectors, and the trolley or mobile cart mounting for point-of-use placement.