Dr. James DeVellis- Do Arthritis Patients Need Orthopedic Surgeons

When it comes to arthritis, people suffer from muscle pain, stiffness of the joints and inflammation of the body. It is here they should consult a good doctor to check whether there is damage to the cartilage or not. Patients that suffer from mild to acute arthritis often have allegations of limitation when it comes to physical activity. They suffer from injuries of the musculoskeletal system and unless the pain is intolerable, they do not go to a surgeon voluntarily.

Dr. James DeVellis- Reasons for arthritis patients to visit orthopedic surgeons

Dr. James DeVellis is an orthopedic surgeon in the USA. He says there are several people residing in Boston who do not know about the implications of arthritis and how it can affect their lives. There is a common misconception among people that orthopedic surgeons only deal with issues that pertain to bones. He compares people to an old fox who will only go to a doctor for a hip surgery if needed. This is not true. People are not aware of what orthopedic surgeons do. They deal with all kind of injuries that affect the musculoskeletal system in some way.

Improving mobility in life

He says that the pain is intolerable for some people that they cannot do simple things like watching the news, brushing their teeth or move about. Most of them face mobility issues due to the misconduct of health.  People that suffer from arthritis are generally asked to make changes in their lifestyle. They are given medication and in some extreme cases, they may be advised to go in for a joint replacement in the form of surgery.

Sports related injuries

He adds that athletes often need orthopedic surgeries due to injuries. Some athletes may have torn ligaments or suffer from injuries of the cuff. They the help of a local orthopedic surgeon to get better. They have to be under a strict regime in order to recover properly. The surgeon will advise them when it comes to rest and the subsequent check ups they need to do.

Removal of tumors 

There are some orthopedic surgeons that deal with the removal of tumors from the bone. In this case, the tumor needs to be removed with the help of surgery. Here, the surgeon needs specialized training. The surgery has to be conducted in such a way that there is no harm to the mobility of the individual. In the past, there have been instances when people that had tumors in the bone had to have that part of the body amputated. Now, things have changed as science has become advanced and orthopedic surgeons are involved in the procedure.

Dr. James DeVellis says that when it comes to bone health, consult a good orthopedic surgeon at the earliest when you face any kind of discomfort. Never neglect the issue. Let the surgeon diagnose you and give you the right medication or treatment for the surgery. Voluntarily consult a doctor to arrest the problem and get it resolved.