Different drugs and it effect in Pregnancy

The Physiological condition in Pregnancy

During their gestational day’s drugs and medications are very common for every woman. Pregnancy induces a lot of changes in the woman’s body. These changes are largely due to the secretion of the hormones in an excess amount. Hormones are called as chemical coordinative agents and thus along with the nervous it maintain all the body functions including the body metabolism in a proper way. So abnormal synthesis of hormones changes not only the internal behaviour but also the external of the physical conformation of the female body. So medicines are highly required to give some sort of stability to the body so that every woman can pass this period successfully. However, selection of the medicine is the most important part in this. As the body gets compromised somewhat selected medicines are only applicable for usage.

Types of drugs

The condition of pregnancy is rather a special condition as before prescribing a particular drug a doctor always analyze its effect on the baby as the drug after dissolving in the woman’s body can definitely reach the baby through the placenta. Drugs can be classified as two types of elements one is the pharmaceutical drugs and another is the recreational drugs. Recreational drugs like the cocaine, methamphetamine, marijuana etc. cause characteristics hallucinations of different impact and are very much harmful for the fetal condition. Even over drinking or coffee (caffeine) is also potentially harmful in this condition. These type of drugs during pregnancy is strictly prohibited.


Medicines or the pharmaceutical drugs are those chemicals which help in relieving the body from a particularly stressful condition. The medication used during pregnancy is mainly used for keeping the body in a balanced condition amidst all the different undulated functions. However, all medications are not totally safe for use in a pregnant condition. Medicines composed of the steroids or the anti-inflammatory drugs should not be used frequently in a pregnant condition. Because of the pregnancy the body undergoes a lot of changes and usage of these type of medicines will further compromise the body. And the result will directly fall upon the baby. The development of the baby is largely affected due over usage of these drugs.

Safe medications

However, there many medicines which are very much safe to use in gestational condition. The medicines for the control of the skin infection can be used in pregnancy. Paracetamol, one of the safe medications during pregnancy to use is potent enough to use against a common cough, cold and fever and acts as an active pain killer. However, in spite of being very much safe, doctors should be consulted as doses might differ from its usage in normal physical condition.

Proper Diagnosis before use

One should remember whether in normal condition or in any complex condition like pregnancy, using medications should be pre-confirmed from the expert or the doctors. The main reason behind it is that without an improper diagnosis the problem can’t be understood. So having a chemical element in the body can destroy many good cells also which are not at all problematic.