Common Questions New Customers Ask When Getting a Massage

When it comes to a successful massage therapy, this always starts with the provider itself. For customers, what they want is to be catered with the right service they are asking. And of course, questions keep on rising up whenever they want to get the provider’s service. With some of the queries settled in the massage FAQ page, you will be assisted with your concerns. So, here are some questions to marvel. Begin your massage journey here!

What is your experience with regards to massage therapy?

Massage therapists are professional. It is important for them to acquire the right license and certification as this expert. They have practiced so hard. They even gained extreme experience to serve their clients well. By all means, professional massage therapists do not just gain learning and experience on their own as they have acquired those through an accredited training center.

massage FAQ page

Is it possible to undress or just leave clothes on?

There are customers who are quite concerned about getting undressed. They feel rather awkward and uncomfortable about it. A good massage provider always understands the comfort of their clients. When a client says that he is not comfortable in undressing, then that is followed. But for extreme satisfaction, many customers learn to undress while being massaged but not completely though. And of course, a blanket is used to cover the client’s body.

What are the types of massage you offer?

Massage providers offer not just a single massage but many types of them. As for the type, this basically depends on what type of client you are. May you be a beginner or an advanced customer. It’s best to check the website of the parlor to see all their offered services. In this way, choosing is certainly easy to make.

Is giving a tip necessary?

Some clients are confused about the amount of tip they should offer to their therapist. This is pretty ordinary in the eyes of massage parlors. But when it comes to tipping, it’s best to give it based on the full price’s percentage rather than the discount’s percentage.

What makes your spa greater than your competitors?

The competition in this industry is huge. In fact, hundreds of massage providers are competing to look who’s the best. When it comes to the leading spa, professionalism should be there. Work and not all talk must be noticed.

Are you holding a legitimate key?

It is vital for massage parlors together with their therapists to hold legal keys. When talking about it, license and certificate must go hand in hand. For massage providers, they only hire well-experienced therapists. They even see to it that these professionals are reliable enough in handling customers’ needs.


Things to Ponder about!

A proper massage is good for your health. As a customer, it is vital to keep proper massage etiquette in mind. You have to be open-minded as the provider will ask you several questions. You must also clean yourself before the activity. This lies for the comfort of both you and your therapist. Also, when it comes to talking, there is no restriction to that. You may talk or stay quiet, whatever you like. But when something bothers you, say you’re already experiencing pain, then you can tell that to the therapist.