Capture Every Precious Moments With BABY Ink Keepsake Ideas

When you are expecting a baby on the way, you want to capture every moment of this wonderful journey. And when the baby arrives, one of the first things that you would want to keep as a memory are their first hand and footprints. Instead of using ink or other harmful products, BABY INK offers the “press with no mess” Inkless print kits.

The Baby Ink Inkless Print Kit

Capturing your baby’s hand or footprint can be a little tricky. At this point, their skin is very sensitive, especially to strong chemicals. Using unsafe medium is very dangerous. Baby Ink have the Inkless Print Kit that would be perfect for every baby with sensitive skin. These inkless print kits are safe to use even if the baby was just born.

Baby Ink Inkless Print Kit is mess free. This contains a wipe and a paper that can make the prints in no time. These are non-toxic and very easy to use. This can be used to children of all ages, and even with adults. The paper that you will be using will be free from any logos or watermarks. You can either hand write, draw or print on the paper provided with the kit. Click here to know more.

Capture Every Precious Moments With BABY Ink Keepsake Ideas

Baby Ink Best Keepsake Ideas

Aside from the Inkless Print Kit, Baby Ink also offer their other products that are best keepsake ideas. From the prints that you made on your baby’s hands or feet, you can turn them into different keepsakes. Here are the products that you might be interested to order together with your Baby Ink Inkless Print Kit.

  • Memory Book or Journal. These baby hand and footprints should go on your baby’s memory book or journal. This can go together with their “firsts”. All of the information on your baby’s milestones will be added to this journal.
  • Framed Keepsake. We love to take pictures of our little princess or little prince. Capture those picture perfect moments and frame it together with their hand or footprints. Perfect for an additional decoration to the nursery.
  • The Greeting Card. The paper that comes with the Baby Ink Inkless Print Kit does not have any logo or watermark. This means that once the baby’s hand or footprints are done, you can turn this into a greeting card and give it to grandma or grandpa.
  • These are very popular these days. What a way to bring your baby’s little hand or footprint with you anywhere you go. This is also one of the best giveaways during your baby’s christening or 1st birthday.

Our babies will not stay this way forever. Eventually, they will grow. And as they make this progress, you should capture every moment that counts. Turning these hand and footprints into memorable keepsakes is one of the things that you can do to always remember these precious moments.