Cancer: The threat that means death


Cancer, the word itself is very much frightening and also very much sad to hear it about anyone in this universe. When you hear the word cancer it is like someone is in control with the game of your life and tossed it in the air like a coin. And as soon as it is tossed everything goes go flying in a different direction and land of the new positions where all those things are not very much in the normal position and therefore has been shifted from the normalcy and the big thing is that you will not know, from where is the start. Thus everything it has been present is very much new, and also very much devastated. Where you will not be able to see the possibilities of the life and hope will be very much small to live for. Happiness also fades in this part and everything is very, much dark in all aspects thus cancer has been very much a destroyer of life. And not only has that it also broken all sort of positive thing that are ever connected with life. And with cancer it is like at every day, every hour and every minute the graph of the life is moving downward slowly and slowly. Till now medical science has been very much unsuccessful against cancer.

How does it affects?

Now we should know something about the disease. Cancer the disease is primarily a very nasty one which primarily operates on the basis of the genetic mutation in the body. It is a genetic disease for which it can transferred from the parental to the further generations. Cells are the structural as well as the functional unit of the human body and the cells are very much characteristic of the position at which they are placed and also they are functioning at that proper site. These cells work day in and day out so that in a collective manner they get to move the body. These cells grows in the body and they maintains two main principles of growth. They are the hypertrophy and the hyperplasia. With the help of the hypertrophy principle they grow in the size so that they can be very much active and function in a proper way and with the hyperplasia they increase in cell number that is cell division. Now the disease cancer mainly triggers from the cell division procedure. The mutation that was previously talked about happens in the cell division stage.


 Sadly there is no such important treatment of cancer that can cure the disease completely from its root. Few techniques are used just like the chemotherapy and the radio therapy which has been very common in nature and is basic for all the cancer patients.

The hospitals

Each and every cancer hospital in India has the instrument and the facilities for the chemo and the radio therapy and day by day the method of drug delivery is also changing and becoming more and more good still results are not found by.


Hope is the best medicine to cancer as with hope we can really survive against the wrath of cancer.