Can drug tests be faked by using synthetic urine?

What are drug tests?

Drug testing in the workplace is the act of running certain lab researchers towards your employees, ordered by the employer, in order to show if the employees are using some substances which are not allowed by the law, or can affect towards the work of a certain person, which won’t be beneficial on the company’s incensement. They are performed in order to be aware of the employee’s health condition, find out if there is a certain abuse when it comes to consuming alcohol and by that, they are made to produce a safe environment for all the workers inside the office.

How are they performed?

Usually, the employees which are going to take a test of this kind are not told so in advance. The employer is ordering the test, and the people must visit a certain medicine laboratory, which is chosen by the employer, as a place where those tests will be made. Usually, an example of a person’s urine is being examined, by which a certain analysis can be made in order to see the person’s condition. When it comes to the method of doing it, mostly, there are taken several measures, such as turning off the water supply while the employers are providing a urine example, or putting in a blue dye in order to be sure that there won’t be an abuse by using other substances. Nowadays, in 2018, there are a lot of powdered urine providers, and it is easy to find them by simply searching the internet. Of course, there can be a lot of differences between the product provided when it comes to its quality, but if you are smart enough, you can evaluate them and know which one will serve you good.

Are they accurate enough?

The previously mentioned paragraph is leading us to another point which is putting on a question mark towards the effectiveness of those tests. Since they can be easily faked, there is no point in making them at all. First of all, even though the urine tests are one of the cheapest ones when it comes to tests of those kinds when made upon a bigger group of people, they can cost a lot, so by that, they are making a big cost over the company’s budget. When deciding to purchase a powdered urine, you can clearly see much analysis which is helping you sneak all the things you will need inside the toilet and make the product no matter what. So, once you are having the powdered urine, combined with a good amount of water, you are free to go and end up safe. However, it is very important that you are aware of the consequences of drug abuse, and if you want to read more, you can do it by clicking here.

Breaking inside they employee’s privacy

 When it comes to your free time, there is a line which your employer is not supposed to cross. You are in charge of deciding what you will do with your free time, and by that, your employer shouldn’t look towards being a supervisor over it. Even though a big abuse of those substances can lead you to not being productive at work, if something of that kind appears, the person in charge of supervising you on the workplace can clearly state it, without the need of someone running tests of those kinds at you. Also, the biggest pro argument when it comes to running tests of this kind is that it will prevent the people from the substance abuse, but since there are ways of faking them, all of the above disappears.