Awesome Gym Tips for First-Timers

Awesome Gym Tips for First-Timers

If you have recently made the decision to start going to the gym and get fit, then well done. Taking steps to stay in shape and get healthy should be part of everyone’s routine. This

If you have recently made the decision to start going to the gym and get fit, then well done. Taking steps to stay in shape and get healthy should be part of everyone’s routine. This will help you have more energy and a stronger body not only now but also heading into the future. Getting fit is really booming currently, with the total global annual fitness industry revenue being forecasted to reach almost $90bn in 2018 ! That is a lot of memberships and yoga classes!

Some countries around the world are really getting into the swing of it all. The US, for example, saw a rise in revenue of over 7% in recent years. All this is great news, but one thing remains – once you have signed up for the gym, you need to actually go.

First-day nerves

Unless you are built like The Rock or Arnold Schwarzenegger, then you probably won’t relish that first gym session. Stepping into the locker room and then out into the main gym can seem a little overwhelming, even for people who are in okay shape. However, they are really not that scary, and you shouldn’t feel this way at all. You will, in fact, find them fun and friendly places to spend time in and get a bit healthier.

However, there are some basic pieces of advice worth remembering, as below.

Bag the tour and any free sessions

Very often, most gyms will include a tour of the facilities when you come in for your first time. This is an option, so you could say no, but that would be a mistake. Although you may feel a bit strange being walked around like the new kid in school, it is better than not knowing how to use anything or where anything is. Also, if there is a free initial consultation with a member of staff to set a workout plan, then take this up.

Bring a towel

One of the essential things you will need when using the gym that first time (and every time after that!) is a towel. This is to not only wipe sweat off yourself but also wipe down any machines you use afterwards. We all know that everyone in there will get hot and sweaty, but no one wants to workout with other people’s sweat in their face. This is a real point of etiquette for most gyms, so don’t forget.

Stay hydrated 

Another great tip for any gym newbie is to bring a water bottle that is filled up. Bring this into your session so that you can stay hydrated. This will not only stop you getting too hot but will also avoid you feeling dizzy or faint from overexertion. Drinking water will also help you to exercise longer and with better form, which will deliver more effective results.

Don’t hog machines 

So, you fancy an hour on the cross-trainer today when the gym is packed out? Please don’t! Another point of general gym etiquette is to not hog gym equipment by spending too long on it when it’s busy. It is fine to do up to 20 minutes in one go, but after that, let other people hop on. Of course, you can always come back later to do another set of 2 x 20 minutes to still complete your workout as planned.

Use compression wear 

You will see a lot of people in the gym wearing compression gear and you should be doing so also. This not only allows more blood to circulate around your body but also supports your muscles. Compression wear can be worn during and after exercise to help ease any feelings of soreness. Tommie Copper is one brand that many opt to use – as these Tommie Copper reviews show, the compression wear available here is the ideal mix of style, comfort and safety.

Make your first time special 

If you are facing up to your first gym visit, then don’t worry about it. The above tips will help you cover the basics and then it is a case of just relaxing. Remember that you do not need to impress anyone – simply go about your workout routine in a calm manner. Before long, you will be a seasoned gym pro and wonder what all the fuss was about. Going to the gym for the first time is simply a step on the road to becoming fitter, stronger and healthier in the long term.