Avoid Food Born Illnesses Now

Identify hygienic food for a quality of life

Have you ever feel that after you eat a food, then suddenly you get sick? That might because you have eat a foodborne illnesses. This food carries an agent that caused you an illness. In more massive effect it could cause a mass death. Escherichia Coli and Salmonella Poona are obvious caused of it, for example in a case of contaminated cucumber in California and other 38 states, caused 232 people ill. This article will review how to this foodborne illness could happen and how to avoid it.

Escherichia Coli and Salmonella Poona are one of food born illnesses caused. These bacteria commonly found in a contaminated food, and could outbreaks easily. Thus create a massive illness and attack many people with severe symptom.

foodborne illness

Another factor is toxicity of any material that not enlisted in ingredient that might occur during production process, or might be occurred during shipping process. This could also bring a contaminant material like already listed by FDA as top allergen ingredient. Effect could cause sickness in batch or lot, which required all products related to be returned.

Last factor might also coming from animal or plant, which effect hygienic factor in food born illnesses in the future. Some plants, like a cucumber, might be so susceptible to bacteria that lead to more hygienic steps during production, package, and shipment. Animal sample, like a sardine fish, might carry bacteria inside their body which need to be removing hygienically during in food processing steps.

There are several ways to avoid this, first one is to verify your suppliers if you buy the food from anybody or a store. Clear Labs has tools and services to identifyitsince very beginning. They have advance scientific approach to identify and analyze your foods, to ensure it is free from any factor that causes the illness. This technology commonly used in food industry that involves all stakeholders such as retailers, manufacturers, and also laboratories for quality inspections.

NGS technology integrated in the safety systems which enable it to alert any foods that not match with exact quality criteria. For some range, this will help us to avoid food consumption if that food is identified as unqualified category. There is a certain report need to be done, which is included in Clear Lab system, to alert us on how bad the result might affect the food consumers. One random test could not be specifically mentioned an outbreaks issue, but more test with same symptom result could become a sign. So it is not only identifying, but it also could forecast, plan and act on every evaluation result.