5 Reasons Pilates is Ideal for Athletics

Pilates was developed by Joseph Pilates who was an athlete and had tried many different types of physiotherapy systems since he was a teen. At 14, as he was battling asthma and rheumatic fever, he had the idea of starting a system that encouraged good posture, breathing, and coordination which he believed were the root causes of most illnesses.

Today Pilates is one of the most popular and effective sports physio for athletes. Here are five reasons why you ought to incorporate it into your fitness regimen.

Balance and Coordination

One of the principles emphasized by Pilates is postural alignment. Pilates will teach you how to use your spine effectively to execute your moves. If you adopt the wrong stance you can cause complications for your spine which may require a physiotherapy exercise or even surgery.

Additionally, Pilates will help you adopt the right flow; which is described as the “elegant economy of movement”. It is more important to get the stance precisely, rather than working on executing different types of stances without the right form.

Build Your Core

If you are an athlete, you can do yourself a favor by adopting physiotherapy exercises that build your core. Core muscles are required in virtually every movement that involves the center of your body and the extremities.

Pilates happens to be the best for improving your core strength. It works on all groups of muscles around your spine, stomach, and waist. It can improve your posture, enable you to generate optimal power, enhance stability and minimize injuries.


While strength training and weight lifting are important aspects of any sports physio program, it is important to remember to work on flexibility. Flexibility ensures that muscles move smoothly and movements are easier to execute.

Pilates works on the core while simultaneously lengthening your muscles. You can increase flexibility and improve strength. It is recommended by professional physical therapists for its ability to increase your range of movement and reduce the risk of injuries.

Use of Breathphysical therapists

In Pilates, proper breathing is not taken for granted. The developer of the system believed that proper breathing enabled the body to take freshly oxygenated blood to all parts of the body. Also, proper breath training enables the mind and body to work together seamlessly to facilitate power and control.

A Pilates practitioner will emphasize both proper inhalation and complete exhalation. With practice, posterior lateral breathing, which maximizes the use of the diaphragm, can increase the lung capacity and leave you feeling invigorated.

Focus and Control

Pilates encourages complete focus and control when going through the forms. You will learn how to execute your movements with precision while having the full control of your muscles and breath. As an athlete, you will become stronger and more focused while you are in the field.

Pilates lengthens, strengthens and invigorates your muscles through proper breathing. The principles of proper alignment, precision and control will reduce the risk of injuries for athletes and fitness enthusiasts. It is therefore holistic and beneficial for those seeking a sports physio workout that they need to excel in athletics.