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Be the Alpha in your gym

Anabolic steroids are quite illegal to possess and to use in some parts of the world since they are considered as controlled substances and cannot be acquired over the counter without a prescription coming from a physician. These laws were implemented to regulate the use of these substances to avoid substance abuse. While this is so, there are still a lot of people, especially athletes and bodybuilders who use anabolic steroids.

These individuals often get their supply from the black market or underground labs which manufacture their own version of these prescription drugs. One good example is Alphabol, Alphabol is one of many other names for Dianabol and is Alpha Pharma’s version of the widely popular Dianabol, with Alpha Pharma being one of the reputable underground labs that manufacture anabolic steroids, you are sure to get quality Alphabol from them.

Different name, same effects

 While it might be under a different name and from a different manufacturer, Alphabol is basically Dianabol. The effects one might get from using Alphabol is the same as when using Dianabol. Basically the only thing that’s quite different from the both of them is their names, specifically the first 5 letters.

Alpha bulk

 Alphabol or basically Dianabol with a different name is a very potent steroid and is really quite effective especially when used in a bulking cycle and will provide the athletes and bodybuilders with the rapid fast gains they are looking for. Improved strength, enhanced retention of oxygen and nitrogen in the muscles as well as increased red blood cell production (as well as other beneficial effects) all lead to the individual/s having massive gains in a short amount of time.

The unavoidable part of anabolic steroids

 Of course, just like any other anabolic steroid in the black market, using Alphabol may lead to having side effects. The key to lowering the risk of these side effects is by reducing the dosage taken and usually staying well within the recommended dosage that is suggested by the experts. Take note that by lowering the dosage, you only lower the risk of getting side effects and not totally eliminate the chance of getting these side effects, while minimizing the dosage may lessen the risk, prolonged use of the anabolic steroid may give off side effects as well, even in smaller doses.

Important notice

 With regards to the aforementioned statement above, it is important to know how to use Alphabol in a cycle. If you already have experience in using Dianabol in a cycle, this might be a piece of cake for you since it’s basically Dianabol having a different label. However, if you are a beginner, there are a lot of online bodybuilding forums wherein you may be able to find tips and dosages for use. Take note that these dosages may vary from person to person which means while a certain dosage may work for some, it might not work for you but if ever you are a bit unsure, starting from the lowest recommended dosage is ideal.

If in any case you feel like you aren’t getting enough gains from the present dosage that you’re taking, you can always increase the dosage, slowly and surely and since you’re still getting Dianabol with a different name from a well-known underground lab in the industry, at least you are certain that you’ll be getting quality anabolic steroids and not some fake or counterfeit imitation where in the worst you might get is a dud as well as other risky side effects.