Sleep Paralysis: How Can You Avoid this Terrifying Sleep Disorder?

You may have encountered waking up in the middle of the night with a rapid heartbeat while sweating profusely with a completely aghast look on your face. Well, there’s only one culprit for that kind

You may have encountered waking up in the middle of the night with a rapid heartbeat while sweating profusely with a completely aghast look on your face. Well, there’s only one culprit for that kind of scenario—nightmares, but what if there is more terrifying than nightmares?

There is nothing more terrifying than suddenly not being able to move or speak immediately after waking up from a terrible nightmare, right?— unfortunately, this is in the form of a sleep disorder called sleep paralysis which can be exceptionally scary for those afflicted with this weird phenomenon and is relatively a common experience. Want to dig deeper on this type of sleep disorder? Well then here are some facts about this common sleep disorder.

Understanding the Causes

Before you venture on what you should do to avoid this sleep disorder, you should first understand it well by knowing the cause of sleep paralysis. The causes of this sleep disorder are considered as rather surprisingly mundane despite the complex explanations given by sleep professionals.

Regulating and Disrupting REM

Particularly, sleep paralysis is concluded as a problem in relations with the regulation of the REM (rapid eye movement) sleep since it is during this sleep stage that an individual’s body is paralyzed so that we are unable to act dreams out. This then became one of the common features of sleep paralysis.

There are certain factors that clearly triggers sleep paralysis which often occurs during periods of sleep deprivation and stress. Many people experience this disorder when their sleep schedule is disrupted or has accumulated a great amount of stress. This is why you should aim to have a consistent sleep schedule and healthy sleep hygiene through better sleep guide.

Psychiatric Disorders

Sleep paralysis is also strongly linked with psychiatric disorders like anxiety and depression due to constant sleep deprivation, emotional and hormonal imbalance in the brain. There’s also the inclusion of other sleep disorders such as obstructive sleep apnea and narcolepsy which triggers sleep paralysis more. Additionally, the use of alcohol or other drugs may provoke an attack of sleep paralysis which is due to the chemical components it brings when taken in.

Sleeping Position

It has been reported that sleep paralysis often occurs when an individual sleeps on their backs, a supine sleeping position. However, there are also some instances in some patients that have been reported that this sleep disorder attacks when sleeping in their stomachs or is a side sleeper.

Avoiding Sleep Paralysis

If there is a cause then surely there is way out of this sleep disorder, so how can you avoid sleep paralysis? Perhaps what you could do best is to have healthy sleep hygiene to have better sleep, you can check out better sleep guide to have the healthy sleep that you need to have so as to avoid this scary sleep disorder, the sleep paralysis.

Good Sleep Hygiene

Sleep hygiene just basically means a habit that would help you out to have a good night’s sleep since common sleeping problems are mostly caused by lack of sleep that equates to bad sleeping habits accumulated throughout a week or years. By having a good sleep hygiene, you can drastically improve your sleep quality by making a few minor adjustments to attitude and lifestyle.

Getting a good quality and adequate sleep will surely help you out. The main foundation of this good sleep hygiene is healthy sleeping which means maintaining a consistent sleep schedule—you sleep and wake up at the same time every day. More importantly, you should avoid sleep debt by having continuous sleepless nights due to some homework or paperwork, or just because you are out having fun at night socializing.


Sleep paralysis can surely be terrifying if you are not equipped with knowledge on how to deal with it. This is why if you are experiencing symptoms of this sleep disorder you should immediately visit a doctor and have yourself checked. Additionally, make yourself knowledgeable of this sleep disorder and healthy sleeping by reading better sleep guide or other reading materials which focuses on these topics. Also, do remember to have the good sleeping quality a priority.