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Melatonin is used to treat the sleep disorders

Melatonin is indicated mainly for those who suffer from sleep disorders. In addition, it is very effective for anyone who has a stress routine and is very anxious. For this reason, supplementation has been widely used, mainly due to studies that lead to the efficacy of its use. Melatonin is also called as the sleep hormone. It is a substance produced by the body that, among its functions, sleep induction is the best known. Thus, supplements based on melatonina substance will act by regulating the metabolism throughout the day, the person sleeping or not.


In practice, melatonin works when it gets dark, the production will increase which causes the brain to stimulate the person to feel sleepy. When it is daytime, the opposite occurs: the brain slows down the production of the hormone, making the person awake. Even at night, simple exposure to light can disrupt sleep, as sleep induces sleep. In fact, the supplement can help people with low levels of melatonin, whether by health, work, lifestyle or even the years. It is that as the body ages, the substance decreases, making the supplement effective to maintain optimal health conditions.



The production of melatonin is made from tryptophan, which is a well-known amino acid. You can find it in dairy like eggs, peanuts, peas, meat etc. Another way to ensure the melatonin your body needs to enjoy its benefits is to use melatonin as a supplement. However, it is important to know that although it plays a key role in waking and sleeping, melatonin is not the only one responsible for these functions. Not always, an individual with insomnia has melatonin deficiency.

Sleep hormone:

Not to mention that you eat more than a sleep hormone, you get a powerful antioxidant that, among other things, delays premature ageing. The production of melatonin occurs in the pineal gland, which is located in the brain between the left and right hemispheres. The functions of the substance are strongly linked to sleep. Although produced naturally by the body, it is important to supplement melatonin with the benefits it offers and the opportunity to amplify its effects.


As melatonina is not always produced by the body, and food does not always provide the necessary amount, supplementation serves to replenish that substance and regulate various functions in the body. In this way, the product fights the action of free radicals more effectively than vitamins C and E, which are well known for this function. Taking melatonin provides many benefits and the reason is the wonderful properties it possesses.