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Learn How Does The Pregnancy Test Works?

One can get to know about their pregnancy with some of the common symptoms. If you are the one, who is experiencing any of the pregnancy symptoms, then they must take up the test right away at their home or can even visit a doctor for confirming the pregnancy.

Now, it is much easier to identify as for whether you are pregnant or not with the help of a home-based test for pregnancy. You can find digital strips in the market which can be used for knowing pregnancy status. You must know, when any woman is pregnant, her body makes a special hormone known as the HCG (the human Chorionic Gonadotropin). 

Knowing the pregnancy status

This is one hormone which appears in urine on the very first day of your menstrual cycle which gets missed. The positive result through the pregnancy test indicates that urine includes HCG and you are pregnant. The negative results assure that there no HCG was detected and you are not at all pregnant.

How to make use of this test to check pregnancy?

       This test can be performed easily at home and at any point of the day.

       Testing the morning urine first is much preferable.

       You need to urinate into a dry and clean cup

       remove the testing device from its pouch and hold strip from colored end

       Hold your strip vertically

       Take your strip out when you sample has migrated to test window.

       Lay down your strip on the clean and dry surface

pregnancy test

Reading of pregnancy results

During the result waiting session, you might notice one colored solution that moves across test strips. This is called as normal. You have to wait around 10 minutes for getting the confirmed results. This test must not be evaluated after the 30 minutes. Exact color of the lining is not at all important.

Understanding the lines

One Line: If one colored line appears on the pregnancy strip, then it states that your test is negative and you are not pregnant

Two Lines: If two colored lines appear on your strip as 1 testing line and another one as the control line, then you must know that tests are positive and you can assume easily that you are pregnant as per pregnancy test was taken.

Sometime Invalid results also occur where no lines appear. It can be when your testing strip is not saturated in the urine thoroughly. You just need to re-dip test for around five seconds and then wait for around 10 minutes for reading results. In case, no control line appears then you should retest the next day.

These tests work only if you will follow all instructions in a precise way. These tests are accurate highly for detecting the pregnancy. There are very low chances where false results occur. You must get in touch with your doctor, soon after getting the pregnancy results. Make sure you also go through the expiry date of tests which are available on the package. They are 99 percent accurate. So what are you waiting for? In case, you are facing any pregnancy symptoms, get this test at your home on your own today.

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