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Importance of a proper administration of injectable steroids

Injecting anabolic steroids is viewed as a very simple process when you are aware of doing it correctly. There are three chief considerations that you have to make; the correct site of injections, the correct injections and lastly, preventative hygiene. There are mainly two forms of injectable steroids;

  • Oil-based injection – This type of injections have got thicker consistency and users find it tougher to inject them into their body.
  • Water-based injections – This type of injections are easier to inject as they are comparatively thinner in consistency.

Both these types of injections that are injected into the muscles are identified as intramuscular injections. To utilize them, you are required to have a longer and thicker needle.

Understanding the difference between the two

As these two types of injections differ from one another, so you need to make a comparison between water-based suspension and oil-based suspenion. However, it is important to know that artificial anabolic steroids are normally of oil-based. By an oil-based compound is meant the hormone is suspended in oil before it is injected into the users’ bloodstream. Some oil-based steroids areDeca-Durabolin, Equipoise, Testosterone Cypionate, Testosterone Enanthate, Testosterone Propionate, NandrolonePhenylpropionate, Testosterone Sustanon, TrenboloneHexahydrobenzylcarbonate, Depo-Testosterone and the injectable Dbol. Even Testosterone Suspension is sometimes found in oil suspension.

The solutions of water-based steroids contain very small crystals in them. Amongst water-based steroids, come Testosterone Suspension and Winstrol Depot. As oil-based injections besides water-based counterparts are habitually intramuscular injections, they are directly injected into the muscle tissues. Irrespective of the injections; water-based or oil-based, these injections shouldn’t be injected directly into the users’ artery or vein, also known as intravenous injections. Now, if you inject intravenously then you can be affected with pulmonary embolism. In this problem, an artery present in your lungs can get blocked. If you happen to suffer from pulmonary embolism then it can cause you a heart attack too.

Purchasing injectable steroids

No matter which type of steroid you choose to use, they are obtainable only with the help of a prescription. Some water-based steroids, such as Winstrol-V are usually recommended for therapeutic reasons whereas oil-based compounds, such as Deca-Durabolin are no longer prescribed in a nation like the US nowadays. For this reason, whenever you wish to buy these types of injections, you need to seek the help of the internet. You can easily buy them online as numerous sites sell black market compounds of every kind; oral steroids, oil-based suspension and water-based suspension.

Precautions that need to be taken

Before you inject steroids, you must have a proper knowledge of this process. You must also have adequate preparatory supplies and a suitable environment is also highly required. An improper preparation or ignorance can lead to deadly outcomes, like bacterial abscesses, the growth of scar tissue, muscle damage, injury, nerve damage and infections. Again, you are highly advised not to re-use needles or share your needles with someone else. Sharing your needles highly increases the danger of severe infectious diseases, like hepatitis and HIV/AIDS. Again, when you are done with the needles dispose them properly so that others do not get harm or infected.