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Finding Out The Best Online Medical Alert System

In an industry such as medical alert system providers competing for your business, things can get pretty overwhelming when all you need is a reliable, easy-to-use system for your loved ones. We at the, narrowed down the field to a handful of our favorite companies. Check out for the best medical alert system online  for your protection and peace of mind.

MobileHelp Full Review

There are only a few medical alert companies who manufacture and design their equipment in-house and MoblileHelp is one of them. They offer a full suite of AT&T 3G cellular-based system and not just that, they also white label their equipment for other brands so if you like the factor of their equipment, then MobileHelp suites you. But the disadvantage of mobileHelp is that they don’t offer a landline solution. MobileHelp is a good choice as long as you have adequate AT&T 3G coverage in your area. The sales rep was so straight to the point and helpful when we had our mystery shop. They asked what I was looking for then placed my order for me and they also asked if my loved one had an experience a fall. MobileHelp is a highly recommended provider if you’re looking for the latest medical alert technology. Very good buying experience, low-pressure sales, and a good choice of device options that will fit your loved one’s protection needs.


How Does A Medical Alert System Work?

All medical alert systems will get you help the same way, whatever company or equipment you choose.

  • Push your button – you’ll summon help but simply pushing your medical alert button in the unfortunate event of a stroke, heart attack, fall, or any medical alert emergency. You can choose an automatic fall detection button can be used in case you lose consciousness and you’re not able to press the button.
  • Signal received – your medical alert provider will instantly have your information and will be ready to do anything in their power to help you as soon as they received the signal. A simple call to a family member, friend, or nearby neighbor to come over to your home to help you out is all that’s required. If necessary, they’ll also be ready to dispatch the police, ambulance, or firefighters.
  • Help is on the way – as soon as the help arrives, trained emergency personnel will make absolutely sure you’re taken care of. They will also make sure to get you to the hospital when recommended safely and quickly. The quicker the recovery time and medical bills you’ll need to worry about down the line preferably within an hour or less.

The Installation

Every medical alert systems are all made to be installed as simple as it can be. You should be up and run not longer than 5 to 10 minutes once the power is plugged into your outlet. All of our medical alert companies were friendly and helpful when we called in to seek help.