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Facts about cancer during the stage of pregnancy

Cancer during the course of pregnancy is something that is hardly heard off. As the topic is rare a lot of research has not been done on the subject as of now. Bit as per inputs of oncology pregnancy medicine there is a better chance of diagnosis as more and more women are waiting for a long period of time to have children. As there is a restriction on the amount of information available about cancer during pregnancy it really becomes difficult to take well informed decisions. Here there are a host of decisions to consider. The general notion is that you are worried on how cancer is going to have an impact on the mother along with the growing baby. A danger is the impact of the diagnoses test that would go on to have on the baby.

There are some cancer tests that are safe in terms of the foetus during pregnancy. There are others that are not safe during the tenure of pregnancy. It has been observed that most of the cancer does not spread from a lady to the foetus. Some of them may spread to the placenta as well. Recent improvements in technology have ensured that the success rates for woman having healthy baby’s increases when they are diagnosed with cancer. The chances of a successful baby being delivered is all the more. Here the point to be considered is that a woman who is suffering from cancer can go on to deliver a healthy baby.

Pregnancy is not going to cause cancer in any form. There are some types of cancer which can occur when a woman is pregnant like bone, lungs but that is on the rarer side. Most of the symptoms during cancer like bloating, bleeding, fatigue are common during the tenure of pregnancy. So the diagnosis of cancer does go on to become a difficult task. It is really important that you discuss with your doctor about the symptoms and if it does happen during the course of pregnancy. Here it is not considered to be a typical case not any more. You can compare it to the medications for infection in pregnancy that needs a lot of attention.

There are certain cases where pregnancy can go on to uncover pregnancy earlier than it was. For example a pap test that is undertaken as part of routine pregnancy test can uncover cervical cancer. The ovarian cancer could be found out with the help of an ultrasound as well.

If you suspect cancer, the doctors along with the woman are really concerned about the tests that would go on to diagnose cancer. All of them could go on to cause considerable amount of damage to the developing baby. It is normal to be worried about the radioactive substance that is emitted during the x rays. Most of the tests can be considered to be safe during the course of pregnancy. All this provides doctor extra information to manage things.