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Enlighting Cancer Symptoms One Should Know About

There are many signs and symptoms of cancer, but few are specific to this umbrella term for a range of medical conditions within the same family of issues. The American Cancer Society reports less than 60 per cent of those who identify a sign or symptom in the first three months of their cancer growth bring it to the attention of a medical professional. The problem many people face is understanding what is a sign of cancer and what is simply the effect of a common medical condition, such as bronchitis or pneumonia. 

Signs of prostate cancer

One of the most common cancers in males is prostate cancer which is commonly identified by regular screening by a medical professional. The common symptoms of prostate cancer are often easy to identify but mimic other conditions and diseases. One of the most common symptoms of prostate cancer is the urge to urinate more often than is usual, which is often accompanied by the presence of blood in the urine. Once identified, prostate cancer is often treated using radiation therapy which you can learn more about at Targeting Cancer.

Fever and immune system problems

One of the most common symptoms identified by members of the medical profession when cancer is present is a general change in the good health of an individual. Unexplained fevers are often a sign of your immune system not working correctly which can show itself as an unexplained fever for which there is no known reason. The immune system as a whole is often negatively affected by the deformation of cells which occurs when cancer is in its early and later stages.

A fever is often accompanied by a dramatic weight loss of around ten pounds or more when one is not attempting to diet. If you begin to lose weight in a way noticeable to your friends and family, it is a good idea to undergo a checkup from your doctor as this could be the result of a form of cancer or another simple to identify infection. 

Vaginal bleeding or discharge

Women should be aware of the symptoms associated with cancers of the uterus which can include heavier than usual bleeding or blood in everyday discharge. Common symptoms to be aware of include bleeding after intercourse, bleeding between periods, and bleeding after the onset of menopause. If a medical professional wishes to explore the problems associated with these symptoms, they will expect you to undertake a PAP smear to identify if cancer of the uterus is present.

Ovarian cancer risks

One of the major areas of concern for many cancer awareness and research groups has been the misdiagnosis of ovarian cancer through its common symptoms. Among the symptoms often mentioned you should be aware of are back pain and indigestion which can both be caused by this commonly seen form of cancer. The common nature of many ovarian cancer symptoms, including back pain makes this one of the most difficult to diagnose. The failure to identify ovarian cancer symptoms results in the failure of many medical professionals to identify it in its early stages.

Lumps beneath the surface of the skin

A large number of cancers can be identified through the surface of the skin in the form of lumps. Breast and testicular cancers are commonly identified through lumps beneath the skin with breast cancer often a thickened area of skin than as an easy to identify lump.

These are far from the only symptoms and signs of cancer you should be aware of but remain some of the most commonly identified. It is important to remember any change in general well-being and health should be discussed with a medical professional at the earliest possibility.