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Casein: The Complete Protein Supplement You’ll Ever Need

Casein powder is a protein extracted from actual milk and it’s commercially distributed with Casein and Whey mixed in an 80%:20% ratio. Through thorough tests, it was discovered that the supplement stays in the body for almost eight hours and provides a constant supply of amino acids which are necessary for the body. Because of its effects, many are constantly using it before they sleep, so they can recharge better. People who are in the middle of their diets and workout plans are also benefiting from these things. Different options for Casein protein supplements are currently available in the market. For someone who isn’t used to the whole thing and who are encountering this for the first time, it’s imperative to have the guidance of the experts regarding which brands provide better results.

Here is the expert’s list of the best Casein supplement:

Labrada Nutrition 100% Micellar Casein. If you’re looking for a Casein supplement with a reasonable price and which can offer the best effect, then it’s best to start with this. Best known as a smoothie or a shake, it’s the perfect substitute for when you’re craving something. It can be included in your daily low-calorie diet. Within this list, this is considered as the cheapest. You’re given the option to experiment on how to use this as base for your shakes and drinks.

Cellucor Cor-Performance Casein. For those who are quite sensitive about glucose, this is the best solution for you. You get to experiment with its two main flavors. For those who have tried it, chocolate is better tasted and used on its own. But if you want to add fruits to your shake or your supplement, vanilla is a better base. Because it mixes well and it doesn’t have lumps in texture, it’s perfect.

Dymatize Elite Casein. You can choose between the 907g package or the 1.8 kg package when you want to purchase. It also comes in four different flavors. The best thing about the brand is it doesn’t contain sugars or any trans and saturated fats which means that the cholesterol is low. Others use this since it’s an efficient source of Calcium that’s essential for bone density. The other reason why many want to purchase this is because they haven’t experienced any digestive issues.

Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard 100% Casein. It’s considered as one of the best bedtime shakes as it helps guarantee a good night’s sleep. The main ingredient is micellar casein. And you get to choose among the numerous packets (sizes) and flavors. Even those with special preferences will find the wide-array of selections a joy to choose from. The Lecithin included allows for better mixtures. Those who hate foamy beverages will surely find this a good choice. Even in cold temperatures and mixtures, the texture is rich. If you wish to improve its texture, you can vary the amount you add.

Different options are available in the market. It’s quite baffling for the novice buyer. So learning the best preferences and evaluating the specifics of what each Casein supplement can provide will be a wise move for anyone.