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Are You Ready to Switch to E-Cigarettes?

If you are used to smoking, you may find it to be a hard habit to break. However, you do have an alternative – one that will enable you to “smoke,” but will also allow you to experience some personal, financial, and health advantages.

A Viable Alternative

If you have tried and failed to stop smoking, switching to vaping or e-cigarettes might prove to be a viable alternative. That is because an e-cigarette replicates the habit of smoking. However, an e-cigarette does not contain the tar and other chemicals that is known to trigger heart attacks or lead to one of a variety of cancers.

Plus, an e-cigarette is non-combustible. Therefore, it only releases a vapour. This vapour is formed from a charge from the battery. Therefore, you do not have to worry about the odour becoming embedded in your clothes or upholstery. Instead, the vapour vanishes into the air. This is a welcome relief to non-smoking friends and family members.

Enjoy “Smoking” and Save Money Too

If you do choose to buy e-cig products, you will find that they are much more affordable than buying traditional cigarettes. In fact, you can save hundreds of pounds per year when you switch from regular cigarettes to the electronic variety. Therefore, e-cigarettes make it possible for you to enjoy “smoking” and save money at the same time.

An e-cigarette is filled with a nicotine e-liquid. Therefore, you can get your nicotine fix just as you do with a traditional cigarette. However, the liquid does not contain all of the substances that causes tobacco to be unsafe to use.

E-liquid Flavours

Some of the e-liquids flavours you can choose from include the following:

  • Rich tobacco
  • Minty mint
  • Blueberry
  • Green apple
  • Juicy melon
  • Red cherry

Of course, the above list is a small sampling. Therefore, vaping actually makes “smoking” more interesting. With all the flavours there are from which to choose, vaping can become a new and fun habit.

How an E-Cig Works

The electronic cigarette itself is a handheld device that features of a rechargeable battery and a clearomizer. When the battery is charged, the charge is delivered to the clearomizer.

Inside the clearomizer is the e-liquid, which vapourises upon receipt of the charge. When you inhale the vapour, you feel like you are smoking a traditional cigarette. You can buy e-cigarettes in various styles and the e-liquid in bulk packages. Packages of e-liquid are delivered in quantities of 5, 10, 15, or 20 at a time.

An e-cig kit normally comes with two batteries and two clearomizers. A wireless and wired USB charger are also included in the package.  A wall adapter, two bottles of nicotine e-liquid, and a carrying case round out the product amenities. E-liquids contain propylene glycol, vegetable glycerin, flavouring and nicotine. You can also buy e-liquids without the nicotine.