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5 Important Steps you should take after getting a Burn Injury

There are different types of burns depending on the severity. Burns can be caused by heat or chemicals, understanding the type of burn will help in successful treatment and effective healing. Classified according to degrees each degree of burn denotes the severity of the damage.

In the first degree burn, victims experience pain, redness and minor swelling. Second degree burns may include more damage to the underlying skin layers and this may include presence of blisters on affected area. As the denoted degree increases burns will feature full damage to the dermis and surrounding nerves, in extreme cases the skin layers are charred.

To help save your skin from extensive damage here are 5 steps to take after a burn injury:-

  1. Get the person away from the heat source to stop the burning
  2. Use cool or lukewarm water to cool the burn, run the water for 20 minutes. Avoid the use of ice cold water or greasy substances or creams.
  3. Don’t move anything stuck on the skin but carefully remove any clothing or jewellery near the burnt part of the skin.
  4. Keep them warm use a blanket but ensure it doesn’t get in contact with the burnt area.
  5. Use a cling fling or clean plastic bag to cover the burn

Due to the discomfort caused by burns you can administer painkillers such as ibuprofen or paracetamol to treat the pain. In addition, to help reduce swelling on either faces or eyes keep them sitting up as much as possible.

When to seek medical attention

Minor burns can easily be treated at the comfort of your home but for more severe burns you need to seek medical attention. You need to seek medical attention for all chemical and electric burns, large or deep burns, burns caused charred skin and when you have burns on your face, hands, feet that cause blisters. Depending on the size and depth of the burn and before a dressing is applied the affected area will be cleaned and assessed. In severe cases a skin graft surgery may be recommended.

In some cases, burn victims may inhale smoke although these symptoms may be delayed if you are coughing, experiencing sore throats or have difficulty breathing you need to get checked by a doctor. Closely monitor burn victims as the side effects might just appear much later.

Protect your home and family members from burn injuries by ensuring the items such as lighters are kept safely. Although some burn injuries are accidental, fires was caused due to negligence can lead to compensation. Get a scald burn injury attorney to help you collect evidence and affirm your case.

If you experience a burn injury follow the steps listed above to avoid further damage to the affected area. Seek medical assistance to help ascertain that there is no infection and to also allow the specialist to give their recommendations on further treatment if necessary.