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The Importance of Protein for Healthy Scalp and Hair

Many people are struggling daily because of hair fall. Taking a bath is sometimes a trouble because of those strands of hair seen in the tub. You also get irritated seeing those strands stuck on your comb. Small strands of hair losing its grip on your scalp is not really a problem. But when seeing too much of it daily, then that already sounds alarming.

Protein for Hair Growth

Hair loss is a very common condition to people at some point in their lives. A common cause of it is the lack of protein in your diet. Also, the need of having a clean scalp is crucial in maintaining healthy hair. With that, protein highly brings a huge contribution to the process. To know the importance of protein for your scalp and hair, here is an article which brings out answers.

The Function of Protein for Hair Growth

Protein is essential for hair growth. It is the structural component of body cells which helps with the system’s function. To explain further:

A diet that is rich in protein helps in the body’s production of keratin. This is vital for the hair’s structure. Whenever the keratin weakens, that is when hair strands easily break. Nourishing it with protein-rich foods can solve the problem. It is advised that older women must take around 5 ounces of protein while younger women should have around 5 ½ ounces of protein daily. Consuming marine proteins is essential as they contain iron, zinc, vitamin B3, and essential fatty acids which help in strengthening the hair. Other than this kind of food, the use of hair growth supplements works prodigiously as well.

The Work of Protein in Cells

Protein, as being the primary substance to replace dead cells, work by:

o   Replacing white blood cells every 10 days

o   Replacing blood platelets and gastrointestinal tract cells every 4 days

o   Replacing skin cells every 24 days

Take Care of Your Hair

Aside from protein-rich food, hair growth supplements, and proper washing measures, the help of hair growth treatment in Singapore can do that fine job too. Choosing an expert who does not give medications and hair transplant surgeries still works best.

o   They offer impressive benefits.

What the professional’s treatment works here is not only unblocking hair follicles to promote blood circulation but also in detoxifying the scalp for strong and healthy hair.

o   The method used is safe for both hair and scalp.

For individuals who are not comfortable with medications and surgeries, a clinic that offers their preferred treatment can help still them. Experts here apply a special product to the hair and scalp where high heat is involved. The product and the procedure are both excellent in providing an outstanding output.

o   Aftercare is provided after the treatment.

A good clinic provides aftercare. This is where shampooing with a special product is done to resume the treatment fulfilled within the day. This functions far from keratin treatments where the client should refrain from intensive hair washing for around 2-3 days.

The Decision

There might be a lot of hair treatment clinics out there but choosing which one is best for you should be linked with reputation. You need to find a clinic in which professionals working inside are all excellent in handling not just hair and scalp needs of clients, but in their apt and professional measures as well. In short, it is best to choose a clinic that provides reliable and satisfying services. And of course, not to forget their exceptional quality product.