Hair care

Getting the Most Authentic-Look Hair that Fits You

The hair implant procedures are where an artificial hair is implanted in the bald part of your scalp. Hair implants are likely similar to a hair wig. Their only difference is that a wig synthetic hair is planted on a fine lace while an implant is planted on the scalp. Although they all look just exactly the same as the wig, you cannot take it away like you used to do with a wig. You should be careful and analyze well each difference so that you can decide properly which process would be best and recommended for your needs.

Analyzing the Differences between Hair Implant and Hair Transplant 

There are some other important aspects which can show you the differences brought by these 2 procedures. Besides the difference in the appearance which is looking natural for hair transplant and a wig like for the hair implant.

  • In the transplanted procedure, the hair grows like a natural hair, while in the implanted artificial hair does not.
  • The transplanted hair will grow again even if it falls, while if the implanted artificial hair falls or breaks, it needs to be replaced with a new artificial hair manually.

  • Rejection is always having a chance in implanting hair because artificial hair is foreign particles. However, there is not even a small bit of rejection for transplanted hair because it is basically a person’s original hair.
  • The results of the hair implantation can be seen right away. Whereas for the transplanted hair will take 8 to 12 months for it to grow. So the apparent result can be shown only then.

The Benefits you can Expect from Hair Surgical Procedures 

Apparently, the largest benefit you can expect from any hair surgical procedures is the beautiful and attractive change for yourself. You can have a good hair that you can do whatever style you want. The majority of the women and even men absolutely want to achieve a fuller, nicer and thicker hair. But those benefits do not just end there. To have a nice and fuller hair can also build and give you self-esteem, comfort and increase your enthusiasm to participate more in the social activities. As we observed in our community, lots of men and women who suffered and experienced hair loss gave them self-consciousness and feel self-pity of themselves because they are less attractive as what they thought.

Hair Loss Problems Review

Any hair replacement procedures have been accomplished for almost half a century and always been recorded having successful and excellent procedures in the history. Because of the advanced technology and practices, any hair transplant procedures really look so extremely natural. Nowadays, most of the doctors are using follicle grafts that only have a few hairs. These smaller grafts are then crucially put to create again a natural hair. The transplanted follicles will continue to grow throughout the years since they are the receiver’s real hair. As according to a recent survey, it has more than 75% of those interviewed who admitted that some men who are sporting a full head of hair were even sexier.