FUT or FUE: Which Hair Transplant Technique is an Ideal

Most of the men and women are suffering from hair loss problem due to the genetic baldness is known as the Androgenic alopecia. In order to get rid the problem of baldness hair transplantation is

Most of the men and women are suffering from hair loss problem due to the genetic baldness is known as the Androgenic alopecia. In order to get rid the problem of baldness hair transplantation is the only permanent method that makes the possibility of regrowth of hair onto the affected bald area of the scalp. Around 50% of total world population is generally affected by the genetic baldness with experiencing the pattern baldness with the symptoms of hair thinning, receding hairline as well as the affected crown, and mid-crown, the top and front area of the scalp.

Hair Transplantation:

The procedure of hair transplantation is done by the process of hair roots, shifting from the donor location into the recipient bald area of the scalp via the graft extraction; either the FUT technique or FUE is involved. The hair root shifting process is done from the patient’s own scalp and hence there is no chance of side effects or failure of the treatment provided with a healthy donor area of the scalp. However, a healthy and safe donor area is mandatory to fulfill the expected goal of hair transplantation.

The hair transplant in India is a prominent option these days due to the vast availability of the expert Surgeon, recognized clinics, as well as the budget-cost option of the procedure makes the decision a favorable one!

The Methods of Hair Transplantation:

Scientifically, there are two acceptable techniques of the procedure, namely, the FUT technique and the FUE technique.

The FUT Technique:

The FUT or follicular unit transplant is the process of graft extraction via the strip excision that contains a number follicular units/graft and makes the possibility of a densely-packed hair in a single session. In this technique, the strip is only excised from the safe donor area that gives only the permanent result of the procedure. The graft is later sent to the dissection room where technicians separate the grafts from the supporting tissues and make enough possible for the process of implantation.

The Advantages of the FUT technique:

  • A larger bald area can be covered in a single sitting with enough amount of follicular units
  • The FUT is recommended to cover the greater grade of baldness, such as NW grade-IV, V, VI or VII
  • A desired density is possible as the strip provides a greater number of grafts.
  • The scars after the procedure is minimum or negligible if the Trichophytic closure has been applied
  • It is suitable for the genetic baldness as the roots are only harvested from the genetically resistant zone, which gives permanent hair roots
  • It is allowed to cover the greater density and a most suitable technique in the hair restoration world.

The FUE hair Transplant:

The FUE stands for follicular unit extraction in which single hair root is extracted randomly from the donor area based on the speculation or forecasting ability of a Surgeon that may go wrong in most of the cases. However, the FUE technique is also known as the blind technique is because of their difficulty to define the exact angle and direction of hair roots during the extraction process. The limitation of graft extraction in the FUE technique is just limited to the range of 2000-2500 hair grafts that can only feasible to cover the lowest NW-grade of baldness.

The Advantages of FUE Technique:

  • It is only suitable for NW-grade II or III as the strength of extraction is very limited
  • It is mostly recommended for the body hair transplant

The Limitations of FUE Technique:

  • The result may be temporary as the random extraction can make the possibility of receiving the hair roots other than the safe zone, which are not genetically destined to remain permanent and falls out over time.
  • It is only recommended when a patient doesn’t meet the eligibility criteria to receive the FUT technique or they are underage
  • The graft survival rate is very less in the FUE technique.


On the whole, we can say that the technique of FUT is the most acceptable added with many benefits which a patient look for to match their cosmetic demand. On the other hand, the FUE technique has the limited strength to meet the hair transplantation goal by compelling a surgeon to target the unsafe areas as it involves the random punching process.