Benefits and Side Effects of Coffee Drinking

Drinking a cup of coffee every morning is a common activity for most of us. Some people drink too much coffee withoutrealizing that excess consumption of coffee may bring unwanted results. This is not the case only with coffee, it you eat any edible item more than the requirement, in spite of benefiting you, it will bring unexpected side effects.

Coffee beans are cultivated in warm climates. There are only a few countries, which are producing quality coffee beans; this includes Indonesia, Brazil and other countries. The dried beans have to go through a long process before they became powder, which we use as coffee. Taste of coffee depends on the kind of climate they are growing in.

Here are a couple of advantages of coffee drinking.

Ailment prevention

Howard School of Public Health observed that consuming 2-3 cups of coffee every day reduce the chances of Parkinson’s disease, cancer and heart disease. These are some life-threatening illnesses from which you can safeguard yourself by consuming 2 cups of coffee every day. Coffee is also beneficial in controlling your diabetes because it has magnesium and chromium. Both of these elements are known to regulate insulin in the body and maintain the blood sugar level.


Physical and mental boost

The caffeine present in coffee will keep you awake; it will accelerate your metabolic rate and stimulate your nervous system. This will make you respond faster and you will become more attentive. Overall, we can say the caffeine is beneficial in several aspects and regular intake of this drink will make us more productive.

Antioxidants source

Coffee is one of the rich sources of antioxidants and it will help your body to fight with cancer causing agents. Antioxidants will delay the process of cell damage and this is the reason why coffee keeps you in good health. Consuming coffee is beneficial if you take it in moderate amount, but in case you are consuming it in excess amount, you may start noticing some of the disadvantages also.

Disadvantages of excess coffee drinking

Negative effects of caffeine

Too much consumption of caffeine will bring sleeplessness, osteoporosis, diarrhea, irritability, headache and anxiety. Coffee also has those elements, which are responsible for increasing cholesterol level and hardening the arteries. This will increase the chances of heart attack.

Stress level

When you DrnkCoffee in excess, then it will also affect your adrenal gland and this will affect your body up to 18 hours. You cannot understand the reason responsible for your stress and you will keep on consuming coffee as a result your anxiety level will go up.

Stained teeth

People who DrnkCoffee and do not take care of their teeth, it is noticed that their teeth turn brown. Consuming sweet coffee late at night will also bring negative effects because people go to bed without cleaning their teeth.

Excess calories

Excess calorie is another problem when you add things like fatty cream, sugar and other artificial flavorings to enhance its taste. If you want to stay away from the negative effects of caffeine, then it is advised to drink 4 cups of coffee in a day.