Top Reasons Why You Should Enroll In Yoga Classes

Yoga is a unique exercise or workout because it’s not intense, exhilarating and fast. Its origin is also way different than other exercises, adapted from the Hindu culture that used yoga for meditation for thousands of years. Although popularly yoga is mostly practiced in gyms worldwide with workout clothing and yoga mats, the concept is there thus the effectivity remains. This is the reason why the concept of yoga is appealing even if its not the usual workout that people are used to.

There is a reason why yoga is more popular in gyms worldwide, this is because yoga has many benefits. Although its slower and low impact, its benefits will surprise you. Through slow breathing, meditation and complying with its poses a yoga practitioner will be able to achieve health. Yoga isn’t for everybody because of various preferences but it can be practiced by anyone if they really want to. There are a ton of benefits that yoga can have to your body. Below you can find even just a few of them.

It has to do with breathing: The breathing phase that you will achieve with yoga is slow and deep. This type of breathing practice helps expand the lungs and helps one relax physically and emotionally. That is the reason why this is perfect for people that wants to have an increased endurance, people with asthma, people with anxiety attacks and lung disease (consult your doctor first). Aside from that, breathing exercises in general, can help relieve stress and provides an ample amount of oxygen to the body.

It has to do with meditation: It’s no secret that meditation has a lot of benefits. It has been around for thousands of years and the reason why its still around today is that it works. Below you can find even just a fraction of those benefits:

  • It decreases depression
  • It decreases inflammatory disorders
  • It fosters creativity
  • It helps develop mental strength, resilience and emotional intelligence
  • It helps regulate mood and anxiety disorders
  • It helps manage ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder)
  • It helps manage asthma
  • It helps treat premenstrual syndrome and menopausal symptoms
  • It helps manage alcohol and substance abuse
  • It helps treat panic disorder
  • It helps treat depression
  • It helps manage the heart rate and respiratory rate
  • It helpful for patients diagnosed with Fibromyalgia
  • It Increases the ability to maintain focus in spite of distractions
  • It improves empathy and positive relationships
  • It improves psychomotor vigilance
  • It improves memory recall
  • It increases awareness of your unconscious mind
  • It improves your mood and psychological well-being
  • It improves information processing and decision-making

It has to do with the form: The form helps a lot with stretching the body making the body more flexible and more resilient to injuries and pain. It has been noted that people practicing yoga with existing back pain were treated by it. Aside from that since it allows the body to be flexible it makes the muscles more resilient to pressure and abuse.

Yoga has been around thousands of years ago and the reason why it’s still around till this day is because it’s effective. Too effective that it has been adapted by gyms in a form of fitness classes. Although you’re not wearing the usual attire in doing yoga, the fact that its still the same practice and the more you do it the more that you will get more benefits out of it like the ones mentioned above. If you wish to enroll in yoga classes in Malaysia, check out