Important Facts About the Top Gym Equipment Brands

Are you planning to buy a gym equipment? The high-quality brand is what you need to look for. This can make a huge difference to your workout experience, as well as your end result. The

Are you planning to buy a gym equipment? The high-quality brand is what you need to look for. This can make a huge difference to your workout experience, as well as your end result. The top-rated brands are what buyers are usually after mainly because they can provide you with a variety of exercise styles fit for each individual coupled with its durability and quality.

            If you are trying to reach your fitness goals, it is best to know the best fitness equipment brands that you can trust. However, since most of the top-rated units are somewhat too pricey, it is best to research more about the product and consider your options before making a purchase.


In the 1980’s, Precor has started introducing new and better ways to improve sports equipment. Precor is one of the most trusted brands that provides high-end commercial gym equipment which includes elliptical trainers, bikes, treadmills, climbers, and so much more.

  • Treadmills are their top of the line products. They produce outstanding treadmills that are built to withstand different levels of intensity with a self-cooling motor. The pedals, cycle seats, and handlebars are specifically designed for best comfort which promotes longer workouts.
  • Precor elliptical trainers have a durability like no other. The handles are designed to help your whole body do the workout, it also has an option to stride hands-free for better calorie burning.
  • Climbers are designed for better posture with minimal joint impact.

Life Fitness.

In 1968, Keene P. Dimick developed an exercise bike that can enhance his own physical condition. This superb invention inspired entrepreneurs like Augie Nieto and Ray Wilson to create Life Fitness. The ultimate goal is to create an exercise equipment that can help generations of trainers, athletes, and gym-goers to have a more fulfilling and healthier life.

The cardio and strength equipment by Life fitness is no doubt always on top among its competitors. It has special features like the LCD entertainment system consoles, calorie tracking, and heart rate monitoring. The Life Cycle model has paved the way for the business to grow. This has been their turning point which made their production of treadmills and ellipticals, also a success.


    Cybex International is also one of the sought-after brands when it comes to cardio and strength gym equipment. They developed world-class products that aim to mimic the body’s natural movements. This made workouts easier for users who have optimum efficiency. Their cycles feature three kinds of exercise.

Cybex treadmills are developed using a smart technology known as Intelligent Suspension which can reduce the shock on the user’s back and knees.The Arc Trainer is used to stabilize muscle groups which allow maximum calorie burning with minimum joint impact.

With these special features, there is no question why Cybex is one of the leading manufacturers of commercial gym equipment.

When we look for fitness equipment, we must always take into consideration our comfort and budget. Not all equipment is cheap, mostly, it will cost you some money. But if you aim to have a better workout experience to promote a healthier life, then it is best to trust the big names. If you cannot afford brand new units, there are always remanufacturing companies that can offer used or refurbished equipment, but of the same as new quality. There is always an option.