Growth hormone deficiency in children

Growth hormone deficiency in children is due to a disorder of the pituitary gland in the brain. A lack of the growth hormone on children leads to slow growth and this deficiency is usually caused by a birth defect. This is the reason why children need growth hormone injection to treat this deficiency. Growth hormone deficiency in children can be seen through the following symptoms like:

  • Short height of the child according to the age.
  • Increased fat around the waist and the in the face.
  • Feeling upset all the time for his or her height.
  • The child can look younger than other children of his or her age.
  • Delay in puberty.
  • Delay in tooth development.

One such growth hormone used to treat children suffering from growth deficiency is the protropin. It is a synthetic version of human growth hormone that is a naturally produces by the pituitary gland which is responsible for stimulating growth in the children. This is also used as a drug by bodybuilders and athletes in order to enhance their body and overall physique. Protropin in children used for medical purposes and only when prescribed by doctors but athletes use this as a growth hormone drug without any prescription.

Dosage for protropin

Dosage for this differs from person to person; in many cases the dosage is determined by body weight and condition that needs to be treated.

  • For children dealing with growth hormonal deficiency it is suggested that the starting dosages should not average more than 0.4mg per kilogram per day.
  • Body builders who take this in the injected from should take 0.12 mg per day per kilogram or higher according to the results.

Taking high dosages can cause severe side effects. So it is better to be safe and patient rather than being impatient for quicker results. The side effects of protropin can be severe and quite intense especially in men who take higher dosage for better and faster results.

Side effects of protropin

  • Increased development of breast tissue in men.
  • It can also lead to hyperglycemia; which means higher levels of blood sugar. This can lead to diabetic conditions.
  • Edema is another side effect of protropin. It means fluid retention in the feet, ankles and the hands. Edema around the heart can be a serious problem.
  • Another serious side effect of protropin is acromegaly; which is excessive growth of muscle, bone and connective tissues in certain areas of the body. It can cause permanent deformity.
  • Women should be cautious while using protropin as it has a negative impact on foetal development.
  • This also leads to increased growth of moles and birthmarks.
  • Enlargement of the internal organs is another serious side effect of protropin.
  • The use of protropin injections can lead to redness, itching or formation of lumps on the site of injection.

Protropin as a growth hormone used to treat children is the best but if used by other for enhancing the body and physique then it can have serious implications.