Why Dental Checkups Are So Important For Your Health?

No matter how much emphasis you place on keeping your mouth clean, eating and drinking well and checking the health of your teeth and gums, regular dental check-ups will still be extremely important. Whilst we as a country and now far more aware about the importance of dental hygiene and even the importance of cosmetic aesthetics, there is only so much that can be done without expert help and guidance. Not only will a visit to the dentist allow you to spot early signs of disease and ensure you can respond accordingly, allowing you to be proactive about dental issues rather than reactive, but regular dentist visits will also allow you to get your teeth professionally cleaned and polished to ensure they are even healthier and look even better.

Hidden problems

Many oral hygiene issues do not become apparent until they are in advanced stages when they become visible and painful. These may not only be superficial issues either but also more serious conditions such as gum disease or cancer. Even spotting a cavity early can make a huge difference to how your mouth looks and feels.

Even evident dental issues may not be obvious to the untrained eye and those who think their teeth look in perfect condition may be overlooking some very patent issues. Whilst a regimented approach to cleaning and flossing will help avoid many issues, all manner of other factors can contribute to oral health, from genetic predispositions to food and drink intake right through to lifestyle, stress, and illness.

How often should you go?

The question of how often you should go to the dentist is one that will have no fixed answer. Whilst six months is the average length between visits, some people may need checkups more regularly or likewise may get away with not seeing a dentist so often. However, the St Johns Wood Dentist or similar others will be able to guide your decision in terms of regularity and they also look at the health of your mouth and your approach to keeping teeth and gums clean and advise you accordingly.

Some people may need to be seen on a far more regular basis too, and those at a high risk from dental problems may need to go as often as every three months. From smokers and diabetics to those with excessive gum recession or weak immune responses, there are many different individuals who will not only need to keep regular appointments but who will also have to get checked more often than the norm.

Regular checkups are ,therefore, extremely important, and missing even one could leave you open to serious problems that affect your oral health and even your cosmetic appearance. How often you see your dentist will depend on your own specific needs and circumstances and may well change significantly over the course of just a few years. Always listen to your dentist’s advice; you may even be one of the lucky few who finds that, due to the care you take of your teeth, you don’t have to go as often as you might expect.