Cosmetic Dentistry

Cosmetic dentistry plays an important role in the oral sciences area. There are strict laid down guide lines for the bonding and veneering of teeth which procedures are often performed to enhance appearances. Chipped and/or discoloured healthy teeth can be veneered to make them look more like the original teeth and possibly to match adjacent teeth. Bonding can also be used to fix chipped teeth without veneering at considerably less cost. Dental surgeons can perform these tasks however, you may be referred to a prosthodontist, a qualified surgeon who, through post graduate studies, only performs tooth restoration and appearances.

Bonding is carried out by the adding of a composite resin to the teeth of the same colour and density as the original tooth. This relatively simple process for a dental surgeon will restore a chipped or broken tooth to its original form. If the tooth is discoloured due to damage to the root for example, the dental surgeon may, at his discretion, suggest veneering the entire tooth to restore the colour to that of the adjoining teeth. This process is relatively painless and can restore the entire aesthetic look of the teeth. There is also tooth whitening to be considered which requires the making of a mold and applying a solution to it and worn at night.

When bonding, resin is applied in layers to the tooth until it matches the adjoining teeth. It is then polished until smooth. It may require to be polished after a few weeks to finish off the procedure.

Veneering the teeth is more complicated. It can be accomplished by adding layers of resin and polished, a similar process to bonding. Porcelain veneers are quite a different form of oral cosmetic surgery.

These porcelain veneers require the teeth to be prepared for the actual veneers to be molded by dental mechanics thereafter affixed to the tooth or teeth. Your dental surgeon will decide which is best in your own case as veneering is a considerably more expensive process and takes longer as the veneers must be made.

If you wish to improve the overall look of your teeth especially when smiling, your dental surgeon or prosthodontist may suggest veneering the entire visible are of your teeth. Many people who have this procedure performed are film stars for example, also people in the public eye such as broadcasters for television etc. This type of cosmetic dentistry becomes very important when you may have to artificially smile when in front of a camera for example and is often referred to as a ‘Smile makeover’.

Of particular note, a survey by the Canadian Oral Health Society disclosed that members of the indigenous population, including parts of northern Canada, parts of Greenland and Alaska are more prone to dental problems requiring dental prothesis and cosmetic dentistry than the rest of the country. Cosmetic dentistry also includes the implanting of teeth. This process may include your dental surgeon plus the experience of an orthodontic surgeon. This also plays and important role in cosmetic dentistry today.